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Overwatch cosplayer wraps up warm in fantastic Mei photoshoot

Published: 4/Sep/2020 14:25

by Georgina Smith


Cosplayer ‘candelacosplay’ has fantastically recreated a signature Mei look from the hugely popular game Overwatch, complete with a stunning snowy photo shoot.

What better weather to cosplay Mei in than when it’s snowing? The frosty environment is a perfect match for the much-loved Overwatch character, whose primary abilities revolve around her “weather-altering devices,” as well her Cryo-Freeze defense and frost stream attacks.

The adventurer and climatologist Mei-ling Zhou’s backstory revolves around her setting out to reverse the considerable climate issues in the world of Overwatch, her cozy-looking outfit the perfect match for her occupation.

Mei at Climate HQ
Blizzard Entertainment
Fans have been wanting a good Mei skin for a while.

Chloe, a.k.a candelacosplay, has captured that frosty aesthetic exactly, the background alone worthy of belonging in an animation with its blurred snowflakes and snowy forest.

Her outfit from Micco Costumes has an incredible attention to detail, the cotton-padded jacket with its fluffy neck and blue and grey paneling is sharp and accurate, of course with embellishment on her arm to reflect the original outfit.

Chloe’s editing is on point, the before and after shots showing how color correction can go a long way in creating atmosphere in a cosplay shoot. The blues and whites are vibrant with a high contrast giving it that animated feel, in what the creator herself described as a “cute and bright” edit.

The editing also brings out the detail in Chloe’s makeup, particularly the rosy cheeks and lips that highlight Mei’s cuter character. Her dedication was strong for this shoot, as in some photos she is even sitting in the snow to get the perfect shot – and it most definitely paid off.

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I really hope this photo was worth it because I froze my butt off for this ???like snow got in my pants (honestly they’re leggings but you get it) from sitting in the snow trying to get this shot ? Like always swipe ➡️ for a before and after ? Cosplay: @miccostumes ?: @candelacosplay

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Candelacosplay has recreated characters from a variety of different universes including Persona 5 and Final Fantasy, but with the amazing results of this shoot hopefully, she’ll dip back into the Overwatch universe sometime soon.


Resident Evil Village cosplayer seduces fans as “tall vampire lady” Alcina Dimitrescu

Published: 26/Jan/2021 21:55

by Alan Bernal


Resident Evil Village fans can’t get enough of the Maiden demo’s Alcina Dimitrescu, with one cosplayer paying tribute to her with a spitting image of the castle’s head lady.

Resident Evil Village could be primed to reveal some of the biggest secrets in the franchise and be one of the most important entries to the entire series’ lore to date. But Capcom also created one of the internet’s newest loves, who some are calling ‘hot/tall vampire lady.’

Her place in the larger Resident Evil lore is still something to experience come May 7, when Village comes out, but some of the community’s more artistic members are already taken by the vampiric mistress.

Sonia García Rhiwen, who goes by ‘curvy_rhiwen,’ already has Lady Dimitrescu down to a T with her latest cosplay that shockingly captures the blood-driven character.


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“You asked for it,” Rhiwen told her fans, many of who were stricken after swiping just to be greeted with the RE8 antagonist’s image and another one of the cosplayer that looks just like Dimitrescu.

In the demo, after solving your way through a dungeon keep, you ultimately make it to the Courtyard door, seemingly poised to escape the nightmares that happen in the castle.

But just before exiting, she rudely blocks the player from leaving. The towering figure then grabs the maiden you play and thrusts her elongated fingernail knives into her.

One of the last images we get is of Dimitrescu holding the player with an appetizing smile wearing bright red lips, a long white dress, an imposing black hat, and an elegant flower necklaces along with boutonnière that some believe could be linked to RE7’s progenitor flowers.

resident evil village Maiden demo Alcina Dimitrescu hot tall vampire lady
Alcina Dimitrescu has quickly become a favorite among Resident Evil fandom.

Then it was all about putting the outfit together, creating a mirror-like recreation of the newly introduced Resident Evil character that’s taken the internet by storm.

The cosplay is being hailed as one of the most accurate representations of Sanguis Virginis’ sinister sommelier, and one would have to agree by looking at those images back-to-back.

With months until the new Resident Evil game drops, it won’t be surprising if we see more people create cosplays and tributes in the lead up to Village.