Overwatch cosplayer wraps up warm in fantastic Mei photoshoot

Cosplayer recreates Mei from OverwatchInstagram: candelacosplay / Blizzard Entertainment

Cosplayer ‘candelacosplay’ has fantastically recreated a signature Mei look from the hugely popular game Overwatch, complete with a stunning snowy photo shoot.

What better weather to cosplay Mei in than when it’s snowing? The frosty environment is a perfect match for the much-loved Overwatch character, whose primary abilities revolve around her “weather-altering devices,” as well her Cryo-Freeze defense and frost stream attacks.

The adventurer and climatologist Mei-ling Zhou’s backstory revolves around her setting out to reverse the considerable climate issues in the world of Overwatch, her cozy-looking outfit the perfect match for her occupation.

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Mei at Climate HQBlizzard Entertainment
Fans have been wanting a good Mei skin for a while.

Chloe, a.k.a candelacosplay, has captured that frosty aesthetic exactly, the background alone worthy of belonging in an animation with its blurred snowflakes and snowy forest.

Her outfit from Micco Costumes has an incredible attention to detail, the cotton-padded jacket with its fluffy neck and blue and grey paneling is sharp and accurate, of course with embellishment on her arm to reflect the original outfit.

Chloe’s editing is on point, the before and after shots showing how color correction can go a long way in creating atmosphere in a cosplay shoot. The blues and whites are vibrant with a high contrast giving it that animated feel, in what the creator herself described as a “cute and bright” edit.

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The editing also brings out the detail in Chloe’s makeup, particularly the rosy cheeks and lips that highlight Mei’s cuter character. Her dedication was strong for this shoot, as in some photos she is even sitting in the snow to get the perfect shot – and it most definitely paid off.

Candelacosplay has recreated characters from a variety of different universes including Persona 5 and Final Fantasy, but with the amazing results of this shoot hopefully, she’ll dip back into the Overwatch universe sometime soon.

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