Overwatch cosplayer supports her allies as beautiful Pink Mercy

overwatch pink mercy cosplay imageBlizzard Entertainment, leona_huoo

Overwatch’s Pink Mercy skin has won the hearts of players across the globe, and one cosplayer has brought the iconic cosmetic to life.

If there was ever a skin that held so much meaning for a game’s community, it’s Overwatch’s Pink Mercy. Released in 2018 for a limited time in support of Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the cosmetic’s meaning resonated with a whole lot of players.

As the fanbase continues to urge the devs to add the skin back into the game, we’ve seen talented artists design similar cosmetics for fellow supports Brigitte and Ana.

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In an attempt to sate frustrations and bring the character to life, Chinese cosplayer leona_huoo (Leona) has perfectly recreated Pink Mercy in a cosplay that will blow your minds.

overwatch pink mercy breast cancer awareness skinBlizzard Entertainment
Blizzard haven’t rereleased the Pink Mercy skin following its original drop – but fans want it back.

Overwatch Pink Mercy cosplay will melt your heart

Choosing to do an Overwatch cosplay “because Overwatch is the best FPS game from my perspective,” she notes ” I really love this game, and that love motivated me to do a cosplay.”

The iconic pink Mercy skin was a no-brainer for her, especially given the symbolism of the skin. “I’m a Mercy main in Overwatch and Pink Mercy is my favorite skin,” she told Dexerto, continuing “Pink Mercy also very meaningful due to it being a skin for breast cancer awareness.”

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Recalling “my Pink Mercy cosplay was a little more difficult compared to my earlier cosplays,” she states “Mercy has a pair of big heavy wings, so it is quite difficult to keep them at the correct angle and move freely or pose properly at the same time.”

When you look at Leona’s cosplay, though, you’d never have known she’d had any trouble. Perfectly embodying the Swiss healer’s innocence and warmth, every little detail is masterfully recreated. Golden hair cascades in two pigtails down her shoulders, and that baby pink tunic and its silvery inlays cling tight to her form. Of course, all eyes are on those mechanical wings, which sprout out of her back and look as though they’re ready to lift her high into the skies.

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It turns out that her Overwatch cosplay journey doesn’t end here – in fact, it has only just begun! “The lore behind every character is fantastic and really tempting,” she told Dexerto, revealing “I am planning to cosplay all of the female heroes in Overwatch if I can (except Zarya hahaha. She is too strong for me to match the image!)

“My next target will be Ashe and Symmetra. I am also planning to finish my Ana, Brigitte, and Moira cosplays before the end of 2022. I hope I can achieve all of this!”

Considering heroes never die, we’re sure that Leona will achieve her aim of cosplaying the game’s entire female roster. Until then, though, we really can’t get enough of her beautiful Pink Mercy!

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