Overwatch cosplayer suits up for battle as fearsome D.Va

Lauren Bergin
overwatch d.va cosplay image
Blizzard Entertainment, zerg_queen

Overwatch cosplays have become a fan favorite method of showing appreciation for the game, but this cosplayer’s D.Va outfit has stunned the community.

Overwatch’s cosplay scene has existed since the game was released in 2016, with players masterfully recreating characters like spider queen, Widowmaker, and rebel with a cause, Ashe.

Korean pop idol turned esports star, D.Va, has also become the subject of numerous different cosplayer’s imaginations, with one artist transforming into a somewhat darker version of the beloved tank character.

Bringing back the cute, though, is Ukranian cosplayer zerg_queen (Marina), whose faithful recreation of Korea’s finest warrior is absolutely breathtaking.

overwatch d.va out of meka shoots into camera
Activision Blizzard
Marina has even gone so far as to recreate this iconic image.

Overwatch D.Va cosplay shoots for a new high score

Despite Starcraft 2 being her favorite Blizzard title, Marina confesses that “I love playing Overwatch too. There are so many cool characters in Overwatch and it was the perfect start for cosplay.”

Telling Dexerto that “Actually, D.Va is my first cosplay,” she was drawn to the character’s “personality and outfit. Just look at her, she is so beautiful! And she is fun, kind, determined, and always comes to the rescue of those in need. I would love to be like her.”

It turns out she’s achieved just that, as her D.Va cosplay truly embodies the fun yet feisty nature of the fan-favorite hero. “To begin with, I bought a ready-made costume, luckily there are many for sale online, but I had to hem it to my parameters to make it fit my figure perfectly,” she notes, and ‘perfect’ is just the word for this cosplay.


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“I also had to alter the wig, trim it and style it to look perfect,” she continues, noting that “I always do makeup myself, it’s my favorite part, I love to do makeup and change into a totally different person.”

From that cascading, chocolate colored hair to the soft eye makeup and cat-like facial decals, you can tell Marina has taken a painstaking amount of time getting everything spot on.

“In fact, this cosplay is one of the easiest because it doesn’t require full-body makeup, like Ahsoka’s cosplay from Star Wars. But it still takes about two hours to get ready for the photoshoot.”


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A post shared by Marina (@zerg_queen)

And we can expect to see more Blizzard-inspired photoshoots in the future – but they may not always be Overwatch characters! “I plan to do many more Blizzard cosplays! First of all, I want to cosplay Mercy from Overwatch and of course Sarah Kerrigan,” paying homage to her beloved Starcraft.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this budding cosplay queen, but what we really can’t wait for is that Mercy cosplay!