Overwatch cosplayer rallies fans as armor-clad Brigitte

. 1 year ago
Overwatch Brigitte Cosplay
Instagram: @malyacosplay / Blizzard

Brigitte is one of the more situational support heroes in Overwatch, but it’s always an excellent cosplay pick, especially when it’s done as well as this piece from talented French cosplayer Malya.

Nobody rallies an Overwatch team together better than Brigitte. The melee support hero can do everything from heal, shield, and increase the armor on herself and allies to attack, stun, and boop her enemies off the map.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen her thrive in the classic GOATS meta. However, she’s still a decent pick in some situations, depending on the map and the line-up on each team. Plus, she’s always an absolute blast to play.

Brigitte in Overwatch
Brigitte isn’t as popular as she used to be, but cosplayers love her all the same.

Malya, a talented cosplayer from France, doesn’t care about the meta. At least, not when it comes to her cosplays. She went all-in on transforming herself into the iconic mechanical engineer, and it turned out great.

The piece has everything from the armor, clothes, and crown to the trademark flail, which she sent hurling towards the camera in an action shot. And the best part is, she’s doing it all in a snowy corridor that looks like a screenshot from the game.


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Brigitte cosplays are all the rage, even though they’re a bit harder to pull off than others thanks to the excessive armor.

Still, Malya has done an excellent job, and her fans are inclined to agree. They described it as everything from amazing and magnificent to seriously classy.

It’s not the first impressive piece she’s done, and it certainly won’t be the last. You can find them all on her Instagram profile by clicking here.

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