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Overwatch cosplayer pulls off perfect Devi Symmetra look

Published: 6/Apr/2020 1:21

by Bill Cooney


An Overwatch cosplayer’s take on Symmetra’s Devi Legendary skin has blown fans away, and for good reason since it looks absolutely stunning.

As one of the game’s original heroes, Overwatch players seem to either love Sym or love to hate her, with very little in between.

She’s one of the few heroes that’s seen a complete overhaul to her kit and ultimate, but that hasn’t made her any less popular to cosplay, and Daisy Cosplay’s take on the hero is one of the best we’ve seen yet.

Daisy Cosplay/Miradel.s
Daisy managed to perfectly capture the look of Symmetra’s popular Devi skin.

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The defining feature of this, and every good Devi cosplay, is the blue skin, which looks so natural that we’re not sure if it was done with paint or a filter in Photoshop. Either way though, it certainly looks amazing.


Devi is probably one of Symmetra’s most intricate skins, detail wise, but Daisy didn’t seem to miss a beat (or bead, in this case), and even included the skulls that hang from her belt.

Even the Devi version of Symmetra’s Beam Projector was included and like the rest of the outfit, the details seem to be spot on.


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VOTE for your favorite(s) of these cosplays in the COMMENTS ? ? 1: Symmetra 2: Aloy 3: Cubone 4: Hera 5: Oichi 6: Ahsoka 7: Anna (@hannah_alexander_artwork design) 8: Elementalist 9: Anna ~ Recently a bunch of you started following me for my cosplay of Kida so I thought it would be cool to share some of my most complicated/bigger/detailed costumes I’ve made in the last few years! I love to make big builds but it takes money and time, so I can only do very few of them! But now I’ve started working on a NEW BIG PROJECT! I can’t talk about it now, but I’m really having fun crafting it and I can’t wait to share some WiP with you (if I will have permission haha) ✨ ~ ~ ? Photographers are tagged in the pictures! ? ~ ~ ~ ~ #symmetracosplay #overwatchcosplay #starwarscosplay #aloycosplay #ahsokacosplay #disneycosplay #annafrozen #pokemoncosplay #cosmaker #cosplaygirl

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Throw in some special beam effects to make things look even better, and this cosplay looks about as close to an IRL Symmetra that can get, next to the voice actor herself playing the character.

Along with the photos, Daisy also said she “missed the old Sym” referring to the hero before her rework. This might be a controversial opinion to some, but we can all agree that her Devi cosplay knocks it out of the park.


Daisy Cosplay
Welcome to Daisy’s reality.

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Daisy currently has over 50,000 followers on Instagram and is putting out new cosplays all the time.

If what she has coming next is anywhere near as good as Devi Symmetra, we can’t wait to see it and surely a lot of other Overwatch fans will be thinking the same, too.