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Overwatch cosplayer goes viral after creating Mercy wings fit for flight

Published: 5/Aug/2020 5:30

by Andrew Amos


Overwatch cosplayer ‘Zibartas’ has once again stunned players with his incredibly detailed costumes, with his finalized Mercy wings going viral. The best part yet, they are basically fit for flight ⁠— barring a few biological barriers.

Mercy is one of Overwatch’s most recognizable characters. The Swiss battle medic darts around the field thanks to the aid of her mechanical wings, keeping her allies topped up and on their feet.

While many have made the wings out of foam or other materials for conventional cosplays in the past, Zibartas went one better. The Danish cosplay creator has created a fully-functioning set ⁠— minus the flying bit for now ⁠— to show off how Mercy’s wings could work in real life.


Zibartas has shared the progress of this build before. He started off with a metal frame, powering it with a motor to get it all working. Then, he added super bright LED lights to get it all shiny.

Now, he’s put the final touches on to make it a bit easier to operate. It’s all polished up, the back “engine” with the motor is protected from the elements, and it’s ready for battle. “I finally finished my Mercy wings,” the Dane tweeted on August 4, seemingly somewhat relieved.

All that the wings are really missing are a fresh lick of paint to try and get the same color scheme as Mercy’s original wings. The metallic silver doesn’t really fit the usually-white angel, but Zibartas can get a pass on this given the incredible amount of detail he’s put into this.


They practically glow all day and night with super bright LEDs. The wings retract in and out like Mercy’s do when she darts around with Valkyrie and Guardian Angel. And after all, after shaving off some of the weight, he can now comfortably wear them for periods of time.

It’s not the first time Zibartas has stunned the Overwatch community. His original set of Mercy wings were incredibly popular the first time they were shared around, but since then he’s made many improvements to get to this rendition.

He’s also taken on creating Doomfist’s arm, again featuring his signature LED glows, as well as a full kit out for Soldier: 76 ⁠— mask, gun, and all.


Now all that’s missing is a full outfit for Mercy ⁠— with Caduceus Staff and all ⁠— to show off. He could potentially pull it off too, given Mercy was canonically male during Overwatch’s early development. If it’s even half as good as the wings, our jaws would be on the floor.