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Overwatch cosplayer gives Bastion a stylish new look

Published: 22/Sep/2020 8:29 Updated: 22/Sep/2020 8:46

by Brad Norton


Bastion has long been one of the more underappreciated heroes on the Overwatch lineup, though the Omnic damage-dealer has been given new life once again thanks to one of the more original cosplays we’ve seen yet.

While animators and Workshop engineers have been busy modifying Bastion in their own ways, others have been plugging away at their own creations. The Omnic character has barely seen any love from a costume-design standpoint over the years due to its purely mechanical form.

However, that’s all changed thanks to a stunning costume designed by ‘renteicosplay.’ Instead of taking on more humanoid characters like Tracer or D.Va, this particular cosplayer jumped at the opportunity to appear as Bastion.

With every part of the hero being completely robotic – save for its animal companion Ganymede – the design certainly came with its own unique challenges. Yet the creator, Ash, smashed through these challenges with a fully mobile Bastion cosplay ready for any convention.

Bastion cosplay – I dont see these too often! [Self] from Overwatch

“I don’t see these too often,” Ash said upon sharing her authentic recreation of the Overwatch figure. She was more than up to the task of adapting Bastion’s design in such a way as to not be a literal tank in the real world. 

The build took “approximately three weeks” and gives Bastion a lightweight look with foam being the main material. From the weapon to the chest piece, essentially every component was made from foam to allow for effortless movement.

Every detail of the default Bastion skin is translated over perfectly with the costume. Each point of articulation can be made out through the paintwork. The cosplay also carries a certain age with it. Edges are slightly rusted, giving off a dated look to the Omnic that was asleep for well over a decade.

All the while, Ganymede is sat atop the left shoulder plate just like its in-game counterpart. Every minute detail has been taken into consideration. “The middle part even lights up,” Ash confirmed.

This isn’t to say that the design came without its limitations, however. The helmet unfortunately broke days before a big convention and the costume as a whole has since been retired. Ash has plenty of other stunning cosplays to fall back on though, including other unique picks from the Overwatch cast.

Before Bastion came to be, she put a unique spin on Winston when bringing the world’s smartest gorilla to life. You can view all of her creative Overwatch cosplays directly on her Instagram page.


My Hero Academia cosplayer attends U.A. High as Ochako Uraraka

Published: 28/Oct/2020 17:49

by Brent Koepp


A My Hero Academia cosplayer went viral on Instagram after sharing her true-to-life take on popular character Ochako Uraraka. The artist’s incredibly detailed outfit perfectly captures the heroine’s school look.

My Hero Academia originally made it debut as a manga, though it was its anime adaptation in 2016 that made it a cultural phenomena. Viewers around the world couldn’t get enough of its story about a high school that trains teenagers with superpowers called quirks. 

A cosplayer made waves on social media after bringing one of the show’s most popular characters, Ochako Uraraka, to life. The skilled artist depicts the character’s school spirit with stunning costumes that will be sure to leave fans of the series in awe.

my hero academia screenshot
Crunchyroll / Bones
The bubbly heroine is one of the most popular characters in the 2016 anime.

My Hero Academia cosplayer pulls off perfect Uraraka school look

The anime largely focuses on the students of Class 1-A. One of the most beloved characters in the series is the lovable Ochako. The heroine has the ability to manipulate gravity, and can float in the air.

Bringing the anime protagonist to life, cosplayer ‘alexy_sky_’ shared her epic My Hero Academia costume. The artist posed as Uraraka in her U.A. High school uniform which she wears throughout the show.

Alexy perfectly mirrored the character’s gray blazer jacket, as well as the red tie that sits on top of her white shirt. The outfit is full of details, from the blue-green stripe trimming, to the golden buttons. 


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In another shot posted to social media, the cosplayer re-created Ochako’s signature pose by holding her hand out. In the series, the character’s quirk allows her to make anything she touches weightless – including foes.


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As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Alexy also created the student’s blue and white patterned gym school uniform as well. Not only are the cosplayer’s costumes insanely accurate, she also nails the character’s look – capturing her short and pointy eyebrows, as well as her bob haircut.


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Despite making its anime debut back in 2016, My Hero Academia has continued to explode in popularity around the world. The show’s diverse cast of colorful characters has made it a massive hit.

The animated adaptation wrapped up its fourth arc in April. Those wanting to watch the series can catch all episodes on Funimation and Crunchyroll. For everything we know about Season 5, check out our guide here.