Overwatch cosplayer gives Bastion a stylish new look

Overwatch Bastion gameplayer / cosplayerBlizzard / Instagram: renteicosplay

Bastion has long been one of the more underappreciated heroes on the Overwatch lineup, though the Omnic damage-dealer has been given new life once again thanks to one of the more original cosplays we’ve seen yet.

While animators and Workshop engineers have been busy modifying Bastion in their own ways, others have been plugging away at their own creations. The Omnic character has barely seen any love from a costume-design standpoint over the years due to its purely mechanical form.

However, that’s all changed thanks to a stunning costume designed by ‘renteicosplay.’ Instead of taking on more humanoid characters like Tracer or D.Va, this particular cosplayer jumped at the opportunity to appear as Bastion.

With every part of the hero being completely robotic – save for its animal companion Ganymede – the design certainly came with its own unique challenges. Yet the creator, Ash, smashed through these challenges with a fully mobile Bastion cosplay ready for any convention.

“I don’t see these too often,” Ash said upon sharing her authentic recreation of the Overwatch figure. She was more than up to the task of adapting Bastion’s design in such a way as to not be a literal tank in the real world. 

The build took “approximately three weeks” and gives Bastion a lightweight look with foam being the main material. From the weapon to the chest piece, essentially every component was made from foam to allow for effortless movement.

Every detail of the default Bastion skin is translated over perfectly with the costume. Each point of articulation can be made out through the paintwork. The cosplay also carries a certain age with it. Edges are slightly rusted, giving off a dated look to the Omnic that was asleep for well over a decade.

All the while, Ganymede is sat atop the left shoulder plate just like its in-game counterpart. Every minute detail has been taken into consideration. “The middle part even lights up,” Ash confirmed.

This isn’t to say that the design came without its limitations, however. The helmet unfortunately broke days before a big convention and the costume as a whole has since been retired. Ash has plenty of other stunning cosplays to fall back on though, including other unique picks from the Overwatch cast.

Before Bastion came to be, she put a unique spin on Winston when bringing the world’s smartest gorilla to life. You can view all of her creative Overwatch cosplays directly on her Instagram page.