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One Piece cosplayer storms the seas as Trafalgar Law with female twist

Published: 11/May/2020 1:00

by Brent Koepp


A talented One Piece cosplayer went viral after sharing her unique spin on Trafalgar Law. The talented artist brought the ‘Surgeon of Death’ to life with a mind-blowing female twist.

One Piece continues to be one of the most influential properties in Japan. The long-running manga series made its debut in 1997, and its swashbuckling pirate story of Monkey D. Luffy made it an instant hit with readers.

A skilled artist shared her true-to-life costume of one the show’s most popular characters Trafalgar Law. The cosplayer’s take is insanely accurate, while at the same giving the doctor a unique twist like you’ve never seen before.

Bandai Namco
One Piece continues to be one of the most influential animes of all time.

Female cosplayer brings Trafalgar Law to life

In the story, various factions are trying to find the ‘One Piece’ treasure to become the next King of the Pirates. Readers are introduced to Trafalgar Law, who is the captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates.

Cosplayer ‘sammyscosplay’ transformed into the surgeon of death, and creatively depicted the character’s look down to every detail. For instance, she took the pirate’s signature Jolly Rogers print, and put it on her cropped sports top.

Photographer Kevin Jeukens captured her wielding Law’s cursed sword named Kikoku. The cosplayer went to great lengths to be faithful to the show, sporting ink on her fingers to spell out ‘DEATH’ and even recreated his tribal tattoos.

Trafalgar hails from the North Blue ocean, and throughout the story is always seen wearing his iconic northern-style fur hat. Striking a pose from the manga, the cosplayer wears the white and black spotted head piece.

The artist gave viewers a glimpse into her process of bringing the outfit together. Back in December 2019, she posted a makeup test for the One Piece character. Seeing the progress she made in 2020 is incredible.

In the shot we see her perfectly mirroring his tribal ink on her arms. While she initially wore a yellow and black hoodie, she eventually opted for a more unique look, showing how much thought goes into creating cosplay.

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Trafalgar D. Water Law ? I did this makeup test at 1 A.M. after my Christmas dinner… why? I felt like it. Hope you like this really rough test of my female version of Law! Cosplay by me Contacts by @ttd_eye us my code sammyscosplay to get 10% off! #trafalgar #trafalgarlaw #law #lawtrafalgar #onepiece #genderbend #genderbendcosplay #heartpirates #onepiececosplay #monkeydluffy #luffy #shonenjump #shounen #zoro #roronoazoro #sanjivinsmoke #nami #nicorobin #franky #brook #usopp #tonytonychopper

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One Piece is continuously one of the best selling mangas, even in 2020. The anime adaption by Toei Animation is still getting new episodes, which is a testament to how popular the pirate story truly is.

Those interested in embarking on an epic journey on the seas can catch episodes on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation. In January, creator Eiichiro Oda announced that Netflix is re-making the show in a live-action drama.


My Hero Academia cosplayer steals the spotlight as colossal Mt. Lady

Published: 23/Jan/2021 6:39

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Mt. Lady loves being the center of attention in My Hero Academia, but a talented cosplayer has stolen the spotlight from her with a colossal transformation that popped off hard on social media.

Yu Takeyama, better known as Mt. Lady, isn’t one of the central characters in My Hero Academia. She isn’t even in the top ten professional hero rankings. However, she is still ranked highly, coming in at Number 23.

But what she lacks in rank, she makes up for in size. Mt. Lady’s quirk, Gigantification, allows her to become 20 meters tall. It makes her stick out like a sore thumb, which she loves since she’s obsessed with the idea of fame and money.

Still, despite her materialistic ambitions and imperfections, she’s a true hero at heart. Her strength and size have come in handy multiple times, and she’s helped saved countless lives.

My Hero Academia Mt. Lady cosplay
Viz Media
Mt. Lady’s quirk makes her as tall as some buildings.

If Mt. Lady existed in real life, there’s no doubt she’d spend a lot of time posing in her hero outfit on social media. However, if that was her game, she’d definitely lose to a cosplayer named Sara Mei Kasai.

Sara has a little less than a million followers on Instagram, which is insane. But her cosplays are so good, every time she posts one, the numbers keep on climbing. Now, she’s outdone herself with a phenomenal Mt. Lady cosplay, and her fans love it.

“A NEW COSPLAY? YES! IT’S MT LADY!” she wrote. “Do you prefer pic 1 or 2? I couldn’t choose.”


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A post shared by Sara Mei Kasai (@sarameikasai)

Sara stole the spotlight in the outfit. She captured every detail, from the purple, white, and orange skintight bodysuit with three diamond-shaped dots, to the purple gloves, mask, and horns. And let’s not forget about the blonde hair. Mt. Lady herself would be impressed.

But while fans were busy trying to decide which of the two pictures they preferred, she posted another one. It was a before-and-after shot of the transformation and provided a more zoomed out perspective.


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The two posts have almost 80,000 likes between them, which is impressive. However, it seems like just another day’s work for the talented cosplayer.

Sara has set the bar high for other Mt. Lady cosplayers to follow. She deserves to be in the spotlight for making this piece look so good, and she’ll undoubtedly remain there for quite some time.