One Piece cosplayer hunts down pirates as female Smoker

by Matt Porter


An incredibly talented One Piece cosplayer has shown off her amazing take on Smoker, the muscular Marine officer who 'necromimicosplay' has given an amazing female twist.

Despite making its debut as a manga back in 1997, One Piece remains one of the most popular and influential anime in the world, with viewers across the globe enthralled by the swashbuckling story of pirate Monkey D. Luffy.

Skilled cosplayer necromimicosplay is clearly a fan of the show, and unveiled her take on one of the anime's most recognizable characters in Smoker the White Hunter, a Marine officer who plays both friend and foe to Luffy throughout the epic story.


Toei Animation
Smoker is rarely seen without a cigar in his mouth.

As a Marine, Smoker spends much of his time trying to track down Luffy the pirate, warning him on many occasions that he would try to arrest him the next time they saw each other despite working together on multiple missions and fights. The perceptive and respectful officer may try to hunt down the heroes of our story, but his personality and quest for justice make him popular with fans, and Mimi has decided to put her own spin on the character by showing off an incredible female take on the character.

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The incredible cosplay is instantly recognizable as Smoker, despite her female twist on the muscular and masculine character. Mimi can be sporting long white hair down to her shoulders, the same color as the Marine's, and wears an incredible replica of the jacket he is often seen wearing, white with green trim, with cigars stored on the sleeves, and two in her left hand as well.


One Piece continues to attract viewers from across the planet, and while 900 episodes of the show have been aired, it continues to excite audiences with its storyline and characters.

Fans of the show can catch up on all the action on services like Crunchyroll and Funimation, while a live-action adaptation is set to arrive on Netflix after the official announcement back in January.