Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplayer fights Angels as perfect Asuka Langley

Brent Koepp
Funimation / Instagram: @shirogane_sama /

A talented cosplayer has brought Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Asuka Shikinami Langley to life with her insanely accurate costume. The talented artist’s detailed portrayal quickly went viral.

The popular anime was originally released in 1996, and went on to become a classic in the genre. Viewers connected with its gripping story about humans piloting mechas to fight off monsters from another planet.

A popular cosplayer shared her mind blowing costume of the series lead heroine Asuka Shikinami Langley, and stunned fans with how much she looks like the character. The artist’s perfect re-creation will leave you in awe.

Studio Khara / Funimation
The 1995 sci-fi anime is one of the most influential series in the genre.

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Evangelion’s Asuka brought to life

The series focuses on protagonist Shinji Ikari who joins NERV to fight off the threat known as Angels. The organization consists of pilots such as Asuka who connect with mechas to take on the alien-like enemies.

Cosplay artist ‘Shirogane-sama’ shared her take on the heroine’s appearance in Rebuild of Evangelion, a 2007 theatrical release that re-imagined the series with updated graphics and designs.

Collaborating with photographers ‘’ and ‘jkyle_ph,’ the artist posed as Langley using latex to re-create her iconic red and white bodysuit. The faithful depiction is so accurate, it could pass for a scene out of a live action film.

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Shirogane shared more photos of her outfit on Instagram, and struck a pose as the pilot crossing her arms. The artist embodied Asuka with her menacing look and eyepatch over her left eye.

The jaw dropping backdrop of the picture ties the whole thing together, and transports viewers to Tokyo-3. The cosplayer’s plugsuit by ‘andromeda_latex‘ is one of the best Evangelion costumes we’ve ever seen as it’s full of intricate details.

The artist teamed up with fellow cosplayer ‘saiwestwood’ who dressed up as Rei Ayanami. Their mind blowing collaboration instantly went viral with over 51k likes at the time of writing.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion originally made its debut as a manga in 1994 and was written by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. The sci-fi epic exploded in popularity with its 1995 anime adaptation by Gainax and Tatsunoko Production.

The series has continued to be one of the most influential on the medium. Those wanting to watch the original season can catch it in its entirety on streaming service Netflix.