My Hero Academia cosplayer's epic Eijrou Kirishima will be hard to beat

by Matt Porter


Cosplayer '_katsuki_x3' has captured the spirit of My Hero Academia's Eijrou Kirishima perfectly with an incredible cosplay that sees the stone hero take female form.

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series in the world and follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young boy born without a superpower, known as a quirk, who is gifted with the mythical power of All For One by his idol All Might and starts to attend U.A. High School to learn how to harness his new abilities and save the world from villains.

Midoriya joins Class 1A and immediately meets a ragtag crew of other heroes-in-training, including Kirishima Eijrou, who is part of his class from day one at school and becomes a major player in the show's overarching storyline as Deku's story continues.

Kirishima using his Hardening quirk in My Hero Academia.
Bone Inc
Kirishima's quirk allows him to harden his body into rock.


Kirishima, who is known as Red Riot when he's battling villains on the street, possesses an interesting quirk called Hardening, which gives him the ability to harden and sharpen any or all parts of his body, essentially turning himself into rock, which can be used to deflect attacks from opponents or be used to create extremely powerful attacks that are almost impossible to stop.

For much of the show, Kirishima was more of a side character, but became a major part of the fourth season's first arc, as the heroes attempted to rescue Eri from the clutches of Overhaul and his Shie Hassaikai group. Trapped with an injured Fat Gum, Red Riot channeled all the trauma he suffered as a teenager, recovering from devastating injuries to save his mentor and defeat the villains, allowing the group of pros and students to advance forward towards their final battle.

Red Riot got his name from another pro, Crimson Riot, who he idolized as a child, but the name fits perfectly thanks to his fiery red hair, which _katsuki_x3 has modeled perfectly. The character's gear-shaped shoulder pads rest on either side of her head, while she even recreated the red sash and chain that connect them to his belt, which is emblazoned with the letter 'R' to represent his name.

_katsuki_x3 even showed off his interesting black mask, which makes his face look like it's made of rock even when he's not using his quirk, and makes him look like an Oni, a troll-like creature that is seen in lots of Japanese folklore and stories. The cosplay was made by 'tsukuyimi,' but was borrowed by her friend. Tsukuyimi has also cosplayed as terrifying villain Himiko Toga before, too.


Of course, Red Riot is male, so _katsuki_x3's modeling of the character offers another interesting twist on the character, turning the hero into a female like others in his class such as Froppy, or Ochaco Uraraka.

My Hero Academia is currently in its fourth season, which is being dual-broadcasted in English and Japanese simultaneously for the first time ever.