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My Hero Academia cosplayer springs into action with amazing Froppy

Published: 6/May/2020 11:58

by Matt Porter


Froppy has become one of My Hero Academia’s most popular characters, and a talented cosplayer has shown their affection for the frog hero with an incredible cosplay that truly brings the character to life.

My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young man born without superpowers who inherits the powerful quirk known as One For All from his idol All-Might, and starts to attend U.A. High School in an attempt to learn how to control his new-found abilities and become a professional hero.

While attending the school, Deku meets a number of other potential heroes, all with their own unique and special quirks, and while she may not be the most powerful person he meets, Tsuyu Asui quickly became a fan-favorite with viewers across the planet.


Froppy speaking in My Hero Academia
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Froppy may be shy, but is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia.

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Froppy is best known for being shyer and more measured than the rest of her Class 1-A cohorts, but don’t let that fool you, as Froppy is fiercely loyal and a dangerous combatant in her own right, fighting off a team of villains early in her time at U.A. High School while out learning her craft with professional heroes.

Cosplayer ‘Amanda__Amy’ is the latest My Hero Academia fan to show their take on the character, bringing the hero to life with a perfect recreation of Froppy, complete with her unmistakable green bodysuit that she wears any time she heads into a fight, with black stripes running down her torso, and make up a large part of the legs of the outfit. Even her hair is perfect, complete with the green hue and parted in three, with a small set of bangs hanging down her foreword into a point.


Of course, no Froppy cosplay is complete without the massive golden goggles with green lenses she wears on her head, the harness and belt that runs around her shoulders and down to her waist, and her gloves, which even have the small green buckle to show how much attention Amanda paid to details.

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My Hero Academia started life as a manga in 2014, but the anime adaptation saw it hurtle to worldwide acclaim, and is one of the most-watched anime in the world, with both the subtitled and dubbed versions drawing in viewers from around the planet.

The fourth series has officially finished in Japan, however, the dubbed version with English speakers is a few episodes behind, with just a few episodes left for those who prefer to hear the story in the language.