My Hero Academia cosplayer splashes onto the scene as incredible Froppy

My Hero Academia Froppy CosplayViz Media / Instagram: @notgrima

My Hero Academia fans can’t get enough of Froppy, but one talented cosplayer took her adoration to new heights with a stunning re-creation of the character from head to toe.

Tsuyu Asui, better known as Froppy, is undeniably one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia.

Her quirk, Frog, lets her do almost anything a frog can. But while it seems a little odd compared to other quirks, it’s proven to be useful time and time again.

Plus, combined with her hilariously blunt and outspoken personality and keen intellect, Froppy has proven that she is one of the most formidable heroes in her class. She’s also very mature and responsible, which means she often acts as the caretaker in her group. 

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My Hero Academia Froppy CosplayViz Media
Froppy is a good friend and ally to her classmates in My Hero Academia.

Froppy is a popular choice among cosplayers, too. Notgrima, a 25-year-old cosplayer from Colorado, has cosplayed everything from Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Toph Beifong to Kill La Kill’s Ryuko Matoi.

But in her latest piece, she decided to transform into Froppy to celebrate the character’s birthday, and she nailed it. “Do you think Tsuyu’s favorite Disney movie is The Princess and The Frog, or am I just being prejudiced?” she wrote.


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The outfit could not be more perfect. It includes the green bodysuit, white gloves, wrist guards, black straps, belts, boots, webbed flippers, headband, and of course, the trademark goggles.

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But that’s not all. She went a step further and matched her hair to the same dark green color and even included a prop to re-create the bow. Combined with the poses and expressions, it’s a complete transformation from head to toe.

Nogrima’s cosplay has been popping off on Instagram. It’s already pulled almost 2,000 likes and has received lots of praise in the comments. However, it’s still early days. If enough people see it, it has the potential to go truly viral.