My Hero Academia cosplayer rocks the internet as Red Riot with female twist

. 1 year ago
My Hero Academia Cosplay Red Riot
Viz Media / Instagram: @trighz

A My Hero Academia cosplayer showed off her incredible talent with an incredible home-made version of hardening hero Red Riot.

Eijiro Kirishima, better known as Red Riot, is one of the most interesting heroes in My Hero Academia. His quirk, Hardening, allows him to harden and sharpen all parts of his body. But when he uses it, it makes his skin look like a rock, too.

It’s an intimidating look. But what makes him stand out, even more, is his spikey red hair and upbeat attitude. He also has a stern, confident, excitable persona, much like his friend and rival Katsuki Bakugo.

But despite that, he is honest, selfless, and follows his own personal code of what it means to be a hero. All in all, his traits make him one of the most respected aspiring heroes in the show.

My Hero Academia Cosplay Red Riot
Viz Media
Red Riot’s quirk makes him look quite intimidating.

Like many other fans, a cosplayer named Trighz was drawn to him. However, as a talented cosplayer, she also has the wonderful gift of bringing him to life in stunning detail. And that’s exactly what she did.

“First photoshoot exactly one year after finishing the cosplay,” she wrote. “I’m still in love with Kiri’s hero gear since I finished it in February 2020.”


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Trighz nailed re-created Red Riot’s hero costume perfectly. She captured everything from the crimson gear-shaped shoulder pads, bulky bracers, and iconic belt to the metallic mask and chain. It contrasts well with the black undershirt and pants.

The fiery red hair is on point, too. She even matched her eyebrows, which shows how much attention to detail she put in.

It’s a stunning piece from the bottom up, and her fans can’t get enough of it. They described it as “amazing” in the comments, and they’re right on the money.

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