My Hero Academia cosplayer puts stunning female twist on Red Riot

. 2 years ago
Instagram: miikhydeafening / Bone Inc

A My Hero Academia cosplayer has shown off their incredible take on one of the anime’s strongest characters, creating an incredible version of the stone hero Eijrou Kirishima with an awesome female twist.

My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya and his fellow Class 1-A students at U.A. High School, as they learn to harness and improve their superpowers known as Quirks in their quest to become professional heroes, save the lives of the general public, and take down the evil League of Villains.

While the story mainly focuses on Izuku, viewers meet tons of interesting heroes along the way, all with their own unique backstory. For many Kirishima, who is also known as Red Riot, may not have been a particularly enthralling character throughout the first three seasons, but became a fan favorite in the first arc of Season Four, overcoming devastating injuries to fight off a gang of crooks and save his mentor Fat Gum.

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Kirishima using his Hardening quirk in My Hero Academia.
Bone Inc
Kirishima’s quirk allows him to harden his body into rock.

While Kirishima may not have the flashiest or most spectacular Quirk, he certainly can’t be counted out in any battle, with his ability allowing him to turn himself into rock, which can be used to deflect attacks, or just to smash his enemies into submission when he uses it as part of his offensive arsenal.

With a tough superpower, and an even tougher will to do good, it’s no surprise that Red Riot has become a popular character to cosplay, and ‘miikhydeafening‘ has created an unbelievable female version.

Miikhy has created the perfect version of the character, complete with his gear-shaped shoulder pads and fiery red hair. She’s even wearing a perfect replica of his interesting black mask, which makes his face look like jagged rock even when his Quirk isn’t activated, just like the troll-like Oni creature seen in Japanese folklore.

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My Hero Academia continues to be a smash hit around the world, as viewers continue to tune-in in their droves to watch the story of Izuku Midoriya and his classmates as they become pro heroes, and take on the evil League of Villains.

The fourth series of the popular anime came to a dramatic conclusion in April 2020, but fans will need to be patient for the next chapter, as no release date for a fifth season has been confirmed.

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