My Hero Academia cosplayer leaps to the sky as Rabbit Hero Mirko

mha-rabbit-hero-mirko-cosplayViz Media / IG: claireobscurecosplay

Talented cosplayer Claire Obscure, known by her Instagram handle ‘claireobscurecosplay’, dished up the perfect take on My Hero Academia’s powerful maverick heroine Rabbit Hero Mirko.

Claire Obscure is a cosplayer whose talents are well-known among the team here at Dexerto. We couldn’t resist covering her absolutely stunning takes on Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft and Ashe from Overwatch.

However, her repertoire isn’t limited to gaming cosplays. She also dishes up some amazing anime cosplays from time to time, including this absolutely fantastic take on Rabbit Hero Mirko from My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Rabbit Hero Mirko CosplayCrunchyroll
Rabbit Hero Mirko is one of the toughest heroes in My Hero Academia.

Rabbit Hero Mirko isn’t one of the primary characters by any means. However, her unique muscle-clad rabbit-like appearance and brash personality has seen her become a popular choice among cosplayers like Claire.

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Her take didn’t miss a beat. It had everything from the character’s long-flowing white hair and bunny ears to the trademark leotard reinforced with metal plates, and of course, the purple knee-high boots.

What’s more, she rounded it off with the perfect pose — standing on one leg with the other one raised while flexing her muscles. After all, Rabbit Hero Mirko is known for her physical prowess on the battlefield.

Rabbit Hero Mirko got a decent amount of screen time in My Hero Academia Season 5, and as the story progresses next season, she’s expected to appear a whole lot more. We’ll find out once it kicks off later in the year.

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