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My Hero Academia cosplayer goes Plus Ultra with Deku female twist

Published: 17/May/2020 1:37

by Alan Bernal


The star of My Hero Academia has been remade by various cosplayers, but a unique take for a genderbent design perfectly reimagines Deku in a new light.

Even as the wide-eyed character is already a favorite among anime fans, the cosplay community keeps finding ways to bring fresh takes that expertly plays with the features seen on thep popular protagonist.

The latest being from cosplayer ‘Mochi Chuu’ who took some creative liberties with Izuku Midoriya’s hero costume which gave the outfit an entirely different impact – transforming Deku’s straightforward design into something much more epic.

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A genderbent cosplay of Deku showcases the MHA star in a new light.

One of the most prominent alterations from the cosplay lies in the long and flowing hair that extends past Midoriya’s regular bushy head topped off by a black-bowed ribbon.


Though he has normal features for MHA’s character design standards, this version of the main hero makes key alterations that stand out compared to the original design.

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Mochi Chuu got rid of the typical track jumpsuit that he wears as a coverall below his hero gear. Now there’s more personality infused with Deku’s look with a crop top designed to mirror the anime character’s look.

The imposing red utility belt that sits securely on the anime character’s waist has been scaled down to a ribbon that compliments the rest of the suit’s sleek style.


Further changes come in the form of her layered skirt with accompanying thigh-high socks to accommodate her knee pads and leg braces.

Although he rarely wears his mask anymore, Mochi Chuu was able to incorporate the hoodie with attached ears that really started to give the whole design its own flair.

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Apart from that and the respirator around the neck, almost everything on Deku’s series design has been spruced up and reshaped to naturally fit on a female version of the hero.

There’s been a ton of alternate takes for classic character designs from the MHA fan base, and this one is didn’t hold back with its creative blend of elements.


As the series develops and grows its fan base, there are bound to be cosplays like Mochi Chuus’ that pushes the envelope for great My Hero Academia costumes.