My Hero Academia cosplayer debuts fiery female take on Shoto Todoroki

my hero academia todoroki cosplayCrunchyroll / Instagram: @brietleguese

A My Hero Academia cosplayer went viral after she shared a stunning female twist on Shoto Todoroki. The artist’s incredibly unique costume brings the fire and ice character to life like you’ve never seen before. 

My Hero Academia took the world by storm after it made its epic debut in 2016. Viewers became gripped by the anime’s story about a high school that trains teenagers with superpowers called Quirks.

Bringing one of the show’s most popular characters to life, a skilled cosplayer transformed into Shoto Todoroki with a unique spin. Fans of the series will be sure to get chills by her fiery take on the student.

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shoto todoroki my hero academiaCrunchyroll / Bones
The popular character is half fire and ice.

My Hero Academia cosplayer becomes female Todoroki

Most of the anime centers on the class of 1-A at U.A. High, and their journey to becoming Pro Heroes. One of the most gifted students is Shoto. The teenager has the ability to control both fire and ice, and is immensely powerful when combining the two elements.

Cosplayer Brie ‘brietleguese‘ transformed into the hero, and shared her creative female take on Todoroki. In a selfie posted on Instagram, the artist showed off her flowing red and white hair, which demonstrates the two sides of the character’s fire and ice Quirk.

The student has a short haircut in the show, however Brie creatively made the signature locks long and running down her back. Using makeup, the cosplayer perfectly re-created his burn mark that hovers over his left eye.

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Photographer ‘pittbuck‘ captured the artist in another shot, where she posed as the student in his blue hero uniform. However she cleverly turned his cargo shirt and pants into a dress. Artist ‘_kingrae_‘ perfectly recreated the student’s iconic burn scar using makeup and SFX.

Brietleguese gave fans an in-depth look at how she cleverly pulled off her take on the My Hero Academia character. The cosplayer used red makeup around her left eye to capture the fire side of Todoroki’s face. She even perfectly mirrored his icy blue eyes.

My Hero Academia originally made its 2014 debut as a manga in the popular Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. However its anime adaptation by studio Bones made it a worldwide phenomena.

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The animated series wrapped up its fourth season arc in April. For everything we know so far about season five, check out our guide here. Those wanting to catch up can watch all episodes on Crunchyroll and Funimation.