My Hero Academia cosplayer breaks the laws of gravity as Ochako Uraraka

Funimation / Instagram: @__yuru723

My Hero Academia’s Ochako Uraraka was brought to life by an incredibly accurate cosplay which captured the anime heroine’s U.A. High gym uniform to perfection. 

Since its 2016 anime debut, My Hero Academia has become a worldwide cultural phenomena. The show’s story about a high school that trains the next generation of superheroes has connected with millions of fans.

A talented cosplayer shared an incredible take on one of the students, Ochako Uraraka, and will be sure to wow fans with her perfect recreation of the character’s gym outfit.

The gravity-defying hero is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia.

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Cosplayer pulls off the perfect Uraraka

In the series’ plot, teenagers with superpowers called ‘quirks’ can apply to U.A. High – a premiere school for hero training. One of the most beloved characters is the kind Uraraka who can manipulate gravity itself.

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Cosplayer ‘yuru723‘ transformed into the My Hero Academia heroine, recreating her school’s gym uniform. The stunning photo was a hit with her followers as it had over 5,000 likes on her social media account.

The talented artist looks identical to the animation, replicating her brown bob haircut to perfection. Striking Ochako’s signature pose, Yuru threw both her hands up in the air while showing off her black and white wristbands.

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Uraraka’s alias is Uravity, as she can control gravity around her. While students that attend the school have an official hero uniform, they also wear blue and white tracksuits while they train to get stronger.

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The talented artist shared more photos of her outfit on Instagram, and gave us a full view of the detail that went into creating the gym attire. She also flashed a peace sign which captures the character’s bubbly personality.

In order to have the strength to fight villains, Ochako and her classmates have to work hard to become physically fit. In what could have been a scene straight from the anime, Yuru posed by the ocean while stretching in her workout uniform.

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My Hero Academia originally made its debut as a Manga in 2014 in the iconic Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan. However, it found worldwide acclaim with its anime adaptation by studio Bones in 2016.

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The popular series is currently half way through its fourth season arc, and can be watched every Saturday on Crunchyroll or Funimation.