My Hero Academia cosplayer becomes Bakugo with an explosive female twist

by Brent Koepp


My Hero Academia's Katsuki Bakugo was brought to life by a mind-blowing cosplay that went viral. The talented artist gave the furious anime character a unique spin with a fiery female twist.

Since its 2016 debut, My Hero Academia has become of one of the biggest anime properties in the world. The show's story about a high school that trains teenagers with superpowers called 'quirks' has connected with millions.
Cosplay artist Ivy 'tokidoki_cosplay' shared her detailed costume of Katsuki Bakugo, bringing to life the hot-headed student from class 1-A. Fans of the series went wild over her stunning genderbent version of the explosive hero.

Bones / Funimation
The quick-tempered hero is popular in the 2016 anime.


Cosplayer shares her explosive Bakugo costume

In the show's story, Bakugo is one of the strongest heroes to attend UA High. However he is quick to anger, and his explosive temper – especially towards protagonist Izuku Midoriya – can get the best of him.

Cosplayer Ivy 'tokidoki_cosplay' showed off her genderbent outfit of the hero in October 2019, and it went viral with over 6,000 likes. The artist found the perfect balance of faithfully re-creating the character's look from the show while modifying it, such as his black and orange shirt now being cropped.

Fans of the anime series loved her spin on the popular character, such as user 'cosplayocean' who exclaimed, "Seriously, for me this is the best female version of Bakugo!"As well as 'sanskar_upadhyay' who stated, "I love this version of bakugo!"

Instagram: @cosplayocean

Instagram: @sanskar_upadhyay
My Hero Hero Academia fans went wild over her gender-swapped Bakugo.


Ivy shared more photos of her costume on Instagram, which shows the insane detail that went into the costume. Collaborating with photographer 'thesleepymuse,' she posed with her prop Grenadier Bracers, which the hero uses to store his sweat before turning into a massive explosion of fire.

The talented artist nails every aspect of his look, from the wild blonde hair, to the black textured mask around her red eyes. She even faithfully created his black and orange wings that sit behind his head.

While at Geekitcon, tokidoki met up with cosplayers 'necromimicosplay,' 'royadevon_cosplay,' and 'stella.luna.cos' to pose for a group video together. The cosplayers all shared their incredible genderbend outfits, bringing Bakugo, Kirishima, Midoriya, and Todoroki to life with a unique spin.


While initially making its debut as a manga in 2014, My Hero Academia found worldwide success with its anime adaption by Studio Bones.

The popular series is currently half way into its fourth season arc, and for those that want to catch up, it can be watched in its entirety on Crunchyroll or Funimation.