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My Hero Academia cosplay gives Deku a quirky feminine twist

Published: 26/Aug/2020 20:16 Updated: 27/Aug/2020 2:32

by Alan Bernal


A My Hero Academia cosplay has given the main character, Izuku Midoriya, also known by his alter-ego, ‘Deku,’ an incredible feminine twist to show the popular hero in an all-new light.

Cosplays are as unique as the people putting them together. The flexibility that the hobby offers lets creators make amazing renditions of classic characters that can range from anything including mashups, different styles of the same character, or something different altogether.

The popular manga-turned-anime My Hero Academia has already had many fans giving their takes for characters like Froppy, Bakugo, and more. But as the community gets more inventive with their designs, we start to see even more cosplayers displaying unique ways of celebrating their favorite heroes.


This time cosplayer ‘Alice Loneunicorn’ joined in on the fun by recreating Deku’s iconic green jumpsuit he’s seen wearing throughout his adventures at UA Academy.

Midoriya’s complete costume has been passionately recreated right down to the bright red utility belt and even the hefty diamond-shaped respirator mask that the hero wears around his neck in the story.

Alice Loneunicorn has an eye for detail, nailing down the various patterns and cuts that are seen throughout the anime’s original design that’s been vividly brought to life.

Instead of having Deku’s normal ball of hair mounted on her head, Alice Loneunicorn instead opt-ed for flowy green-black curls that makes her hero depiction stand out among others in the past.


From her other cosplays, Alice has shown meticulous hand-crafting techniques to make her outfits. She’s done figures in the past like Byleth from Fire Emblem, Raphtalia from The Rising of the Shield Hero, and even multiple characters from the Dark Souls series, each done with incredible detail.

My Hero Academia is a long-running series that has piqued the imagination of many fans around the world. It’s spurred movie and video game adaptations, each giving the franchise more depth to its rich world.

As the story and characters in My Hero Academia develops, there are bound to be more creatives like Alice Loneunicorn giving their versions for some of the show’s beloved cast.