Monster Hunter World cosplay brings larger than life weapon to the hunt

Capcom - Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World features an abundance of unique weapon types, upgradeable variants, and armor sets to boot. This remarkable cosplay brings to life a full-scale rendition of the Jawblade weapon as well as a full set of Origin Armor and the final combination is spectacular. 

Certainly not a simple franchise to create any form of cosplay around, Monster Hunter has been known for its intricate armor pieces and countless weapon variations since the very first release on the PlayStation 2 in 2004.

The latest entry in the popular franchise, Monster Hunter: World features 14 weapon types and dozens of possible creations within each category. From the Insect Glaive to the Longsword, customization is key to fine-tuning your gameplay. 

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Having settled on a specific favorite, this impressive cosplayer honed her craft around the Jawblade and created a complete set of Origin Armor to accompany it. Suffice to say, the authenticity on display is staggering.

Capcom - Monster Hunter: WorldMonster Hunter: World launched in January of 2018 across the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In development for more than half a year, ‘essi.cosplay’ left no stone unturned in recreating this tremendous Monster Hunter World costume.

Boasting an enormous Jawblade that matches her height, the bone-based weapon is detailed to the highest caliber with various scratch markings and craters scattered across the surface. Every intricacy of the hulking weapon has been effectively realized and although the equipment is light enough to carry around comfortably, it certainly looks like it would pack a punch.

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While it might not be the most agile choice for combat, there’s no denying that the massive build will stand out at any gaming convention down the line.

Instagram: essie.cosplayThe recreated Jawblade in all of its glory.

Alongside the impressive weapon is a full Origin Armor set that combines each and every minuscule component into one fully fleshed-out costume.

From vambraces to authentic Origin greaves and even appropriate headgear, the pre-order bonus armor set is realized with tremendous accuracy.

The cosplayer even built her very own Scoutfly Lantern from scratch so that she can efficiently track her next monster with ease. 


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With one set now entirely realized, it’ll be fascinating to see which Monster Hunter equipment is crafted next. Perhaps a Master Rank weapon will be in the cards now that the Iceborne expansion is out in the wild.

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Having also brought popular characters such as Brigitte Lindholm from Overwatch to life, you can view a wide array of ‘essi.cosplay’ creations through her Instagram page here.