Lost Ark cosplayer governs Arthetine's affairs as ferocious Sasha - Dexerto

Lost Ark cosplayer governs Arthetine’s affairs as ferocious Sasha

Published: 29/Mar/2022 17:08

by Lauren Bergin


Lost Ark’s Treasurer of Arthetine, Sasha, is one of the game’s most important Rapport characters, so to show her some love one cosplayer has recreated the feisty fashionista with this stunning outfit. 

If there’s one thing that sets Smilegate’s MMOARPG adventure Lost Ark apart from its competitors, it’s the in-game Rapport system.

Allowing you to form relationships with an extensive cast of NPCs, players are desperately trying to boost their Rapport levels with the likes of Nineveh and Beatrice in order to claim the coveted Giant’s Hearts.

Sasha, the Treasurer of the Cykin utopia Arthetine, is among the four characters that can gift you one of these prized items. Renowned for her straight-talking personality and latent ferocity, she’s become a pretty popular character with avid hack and slash enthusiasts, inspiring Korean cosplayer oz_cosplay (Oz) to bring her to life.


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Characterized by her silvery brown hair and soft features, Sasha has become a fan favorite.

Lost Ark Sasha cosplay channels fashion and fury

With six years of cosplay experience and a whole lot of Lost Ark characters to create, Oz told Dexerto “I like to play Lost Ark, and in-game each character is really attractive. I like their designs; especially Sasha and Armen’s.”

“I love Sasha’s design detail, as well as the character’s personality,” she continues. “Many other cosplayers feel the same, as a lot of my friends have also cosplayed as her!”

Noting that her recreation of Sasha”wasn’t too difficult” as “there is no weapon to make and the costume is not heavy,” she explains that “I like Sasha’s dress because it’s simple but gorgeous.”


And gorgeous is just the word we’d use to describe this cosplay. Framed by a bookcase filled to bursting with tomes from yonder years, Oz can be seen in a set of killer black heels and matching suspenders. With that iconic leather and velvet cape snaking around her ankles, every detail of the outfit is perfect. Silvery trims shine in the soft lighting, with her moonlight-colored hair gently brushing her shoulders.

As the shores of Arkesia open to the West and players from across the globe dive into its hack and slash universe, we can expect to see even more Lost Ark cosplays from Oz – and she’s already done nine!


“I will continue to do various Lost Ark cosplays,” she states, and confirms that she’s “currently preparing more.”

As Lost Ark’s ever-expanding universe continues to introduce us to a whole new cast of characters, we can’t wait to see who Oz chooses to transform into next – after all, gender is no barrier for her!