LoL cosplayer charms fans as stunning Spirit Blossom Ahri

LoL_League_of_Legends_Spirit_Blossom_Ahri_CosplayInstagram: aka_purin, Riot Games

Despite League of Legends having over 100 champions, Ahri remains a staple in the LoL universe. One cosplayer has brought the nine tailed fox to life with her stunning Spirit Blossom cosplay. 

Even although the Spirit Blossom skin line has featured in League of Legends’ cosmetic gallery for a while, the event lives on in the hearts of players everywhere as one of our all-time favorites.

While players are currently focusing on grinding for that Lunar Beast Prestige Fiora skin, we still see the Japanese inspired entities popping up in games all over Summoner’s Rift.

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In particular Ahri, the lead protagonist of the Spirit Blossom saga, has made quite the splash. One cosplayer has taken their love for our favorite seductress one step further though by creating a beautiful outfit that truly channels the fox spirit’s mischievous side.

Spirit Blossom Ahri in TFT FatesRiot Games
You can’t help but want to trust Spirit Blossom Ahri.

Enchanting Spirit Blossom Ahri cosplay

Purin, a cosplayer based out of Poland, took to Instagram to show off her amazing real life construction of LoL’s iconic mid laner.

Seen framed by a baby pink background perched upon a host of Japanese inspired plushies and the iconic Kitsune mask that has become associated with the anime Demon Slayer, she truly embodies Ahri’s elegance.

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A closer look at the iconic aqua and rose colored outfit shows just how much work has gone into this outfit. Every detail from her white booted toes all the way up to the little bell on he choker is fleshed out to perfection.

Where this cosplay really shines, however, is her hair. The deep magenta contrasts perfectly with the light cyan streaks, and also with the ribbon that hands from her piercing. The ears themselves have the rugged style of a mischievous fox, but mirror the hue of her hair.

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Ahri cosplay has charmed fans

The comments on Purin’s Instagram post are awash with positivity, and she’s charmed LoL fans everywhere.

With one respondent writing that she is ‘mesmerizing’ and another claiming that “you fit that character so well,” it’s great to see such a positive reaction to a clearly well designed cosplay.

We can’t wait to see what the Pole whips up next. Maybe it’ll be that Lunar Beast Prestige Fiora skin that we’re all grinding for! Until then, we’ll have to keep following this slippery little fox down the rabbit hole.

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