League of Legends cosplayer shows how she made incredible Lux outfit

LadySundae / RiotGames

Popular cosplayer ‘LadySundae’ revealed how she created her incredibly detailed Lux outfit after leaving League of Legends fans in awe at the result.

League of Legends has over 145 champions, with even more on the way in Summer, giving creative fans plenty of choice when looking at recreating characters through art or cosplay.

LadySundae, who has won multiple awards for some of her past cosplays, revealed that she would be attempting to mirror Lux’s outfit from the 2020 warriors cinematic that Riot released on January 9.

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Riot Games
LadySundae revealed that she was inspired by Lux’s appearance in the 2020 Warriors cinematic.

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Lux is one of the most popular champions in League thanks to her ability kit. Namely, her ultimate, Final Spark, which fires a massive laser of light dealing insane magic damage to anyone caught in its blast, as well as her flexibility between both mid and support roles.

“I’m not sure all of you know that I make most of my costumes by myself! I’ve been making costumes for 6 years,” she explained in an Instagram post highlighting her progress on bringing Lux to life.

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After months of replicating the finer details of Lux’s outfit, LadySundae gave League of Legends fans a look at the final product.

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The cosplayer later revealed that she would be releasing some of the behind-the-scenes clips, sharing just how much goes into pulling off one of these high-quality cosplays.

“Lux is my favorite League of Legends character and I really wanted to recreate perfectly her outfit from the Warriors 2020 Cinematic,” she explained in another post, adding that she also plans on entering the look into the LoL European Cosplay Contest 2020.

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LadySundae released a full tutorial on her channel for any of her fans that also wanted to recreate Lux’s cinematic look or even just to see her approach to perfecting the costume.

Despite saying that Lux is her favorite champion, the popular cosplayer has pulled off many other League of Legends looks in the past, including the likes of Katarina, Riven, and Jinx, to name a few.

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