League of Legends cosplayer shimmers as beautiful Renata Glasc

. 4 months ago
Renata Glasc cosplay done by Valentina Kryp
Instagram: VKryp / Riot Games

Popular cosplayer Valentina Kryp has stolen the show once again, this time as League of Legends’ newly-released Renata Glasc. She stood shimmering as the beautiful Chem Baroness, with players fawning over her marvelous cosplay.

Renata Glasc has taken League of Legends by storm since her release in February. Fans can’t get enough of the tough yet glamorous Chem Baroness, who has redefined the meaning of “enchanter support” in-game.

Now players are falling in love with Argentinian cosplayer Valentina Kryp’s rendition of Renata. Riot worked with Kryp to bring the powerful Chem Baroness to life, and she followed the brief perfectly.

Renata Glasc holding chalice
Riot Games
Renata Glasc is as deadly as she is elegant.

Kryp made Renata’s intricate suit from scratch, with the white coat and black waistcoat both decorated with gold trimmings to imitate Renata’s luxurious style. She also remade her mask.

Most impressively of all though was her take on Renata’s left arm. With a fluro pink cast and perfectly cut white pieces, she was able to get the skeletal feel down pat.

Even after the shoot, the little touches of glowing purple around her reformed arm added that special touch. The cosplay was loved so much that Riot’s official accounts couldn’t help but share it with the world.

“It makes me very happy to be able to represent a little bit of the talent that there is in [Latin America] and take cosplay one step further,” she said on Twitter.

It’s not the first time Kryp has worked with Riot on a cosplay ⁠— she has also dressed up as League of Legends’ Kai’Sa on request. Given how every outfit of hers never fails to impress, you can expect Valentina to be cosplaying more champions down the line.

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