League of Legends cosplayer hunts souls as Spirit Blossom Kindred

Lauren Bergin
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TikTok: HoneyRabbiit, Riot Games

League of Legends’ Spirit Blossom skins remain some of the LoL community’s all-time favories; and this cosplayer has brought Spirit Blossom Kindred to life with an outfit that will have you picking your jaw up off of the floor.

League of Legends may have been around for quite a while, but some of the iconic MOBA’s in-game events have simply been built different.

With the PROJECT series centering around a futuristic Terminator-esque conflict, and High Noon bringing some wild west to the Rift, Spirit Blossom remains one of the game’s most beloved events to date. Inspired by Asian folklore and designed as a visual novel, the 2020 event allowed players to interact with some of LoL’s most famous faces up close and personal.

While Thresh, Yasuo, and Yone stole the spotlight with their dashing good looks, lurking in the shadows was death itself, Kindred, and cosplay queen HoneyRabbiit (Brooklyn) has chosen to show them some much-needed love.

league of legends spirit blossom kindred skin
Riot Games
Despite their playful nature, Kindred help ferry lost souls to the afterlife.

LoL Spirit Blossom Kindred cosplay enchants fans

For Brooklyn, a Kindred cosplay was a no brainer given how passionate she is about the mysterious character. “I was an Ahri main for a while, but I eventually learned how to play jungle, and the only champion I was drawn to was Kindred,” she told Dexerto. “I love their lore, design, and gameplay style. I only played Kindred for like two years; and now I play Kindred in places Kindred should never be.

“Imagine me, summer 2020, and I see a leaked image of a Japanese inspired Kindred skin. I was simply losing my mind. Eventually, Spirit Blossom Kindred was released and I knew immediately I needed to cosplay it. That design was everything I wanted it to be and more. But, me being me, I wasn’t going to just make the outfit, I needed to go all out and make something ridiculous. Fast forward about a year, and my Spirit Blossom Kindred, 8ft Wolf and all, was finished!”

Yes, you read that correctly, Wolf is indeed eight foot (2.4m) tall. “I knew I wanted it to be accurate to scale, but like the outfit, there were so many references to how big he needed to be. I ended up going with slightly larger than the visual novel sprite, but smaller than the splash art size.

“To be honest, I had no clue how I was going to make it. Originally I wanted to have him on a harness that attached to me directly, but I quickly realized that was not going to go well. Between the heels, outfit, wig, and bow, I was not going to be able to deal with a giant wolf suspended above me, too. Thus, the rolling skeleton was born. This took…so many attempts to get just right.”

It’s Wolf that your eyes are immediately drawn to with this cosplay (after all, he’s rather large), but every little detail is absolutely perfect. Lavender hair cascades down her shoulders, curled horns poking out from the sides of her head. Sporting that now-iconic fur-lined kimono and Lamb’s stunning aquamarine bow, Brooklyn is Spirit Blossom Kindred.


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“I started off with the hooves, which were surprisingly easier than expected. I took a pair of tights, heel-less heels, and EVA foam; and put it all together to make some hooves! Next, I moved onto the pants and shirt. The pants were a bit easier, since I had a solid idea of the shape I needed to achieve. I used a pattern by TrinesTreasury on Etsy – huge shout out to them!

“The most difficult thing was figuring out how to put on the pants with the shoes. See, when you are making a costume, you have to think about everything; how are you going to walk, what order you are going to put it on in, how to transport it, where is it going to be the most fragile, etc. I ran into an issue where the shoes were the first thing I had to put on, so the pants had to be designed so I can fit it over the large hooves. Thank you to whoever invented elastic, you saved me!”

The bow is also five foot (1.5m), an inch taller than Brooklyn herself! “I reached out to the incredibly talented Dangerous Ladies for their expertise. I commissioned them to 3D model and print the bow for me, and they did a fantastic job! Their communication, speed, and quality is unmatched. They thought of everything too, like how to assemble all of the parts so they stay firmly together, and how I can make the 5 FT bow more travel friendly (yes, 5Ft, that’s how long it is in length…which is an inch taller than me). I joked how it was almost like IKEA furniture to assemble, using small wooden rods to keep the pieces more attached to one another along with epoxy glue.”


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While she confesses “this was by far the hardest, and probably will still be the hardest, cosplay I have ever made,” it hasn’t broken her. 

I have always made costumes much more ridiculous than they needed to be, because I love the complexity of fictional costumes. That’s part of the fun of cosplay, you are dressing up as something you never could wear on any normal day. So why not go all out? Obviously this is so much easier said than done, but there’s a thrill and fun that comes from making something so elaborate. Especially when it’s a hobby and craft you have been doing for a long time, it’s really fulfilling to see how far you have come.”

But would she make another Kindred skin – or even LoL cosplay? “YES!” she replies. “if another Kindred skin comes along that I love, I will make it! I’d love to make Vex, Star Guardian Neeko or maybe a Lillia skin; but we’ll see.”

Brooklyn’s Kindred absolutely stunned this writer at first glance, and has no doubt taken fans across Runeterra’s breaths away. As she continues to create extravagant outfits that push boundaries and take names, we can’t wait to see what she does next. Until then, though, you’ll find us scooping our jaws up off the floor.