League of Legends cosplayer channels inner ‘villain’ as K-Pop inspired K/DA Evelynn

league of legends lol k/da evelynn cosplay imageInstagram: decepticon.cosplay, Riot Games

League of Legends’ now iconic K-Pop group, K/DA, have won the hearts of fans across Runeterra, but this cosplayer hopes to break your heart in two with her alluring ALL OUT Evelynn cosplay. 

Riot Games are pretty damn good at fusing popular music culture with their iconic MOBA, League of Legends, with metal group, Pentakill, and K-Pop idols, K/DA, being the perfect examples.

Comprised of Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’sa, K/DA’s chic outfits and classic dance moves offer a treasure trove of content for avid cosplayers.

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Of all four characters, the beautiful yet deadly Evelynn has attracted a whole host of artists with her devilish charm, but we’ve never seen anyone bring the demonic void creature to life quite like Russian cosplayer, decepticon.cosplay (Polina).

League of Legends LoL K/DA Evelynn dances in More videoRiot Games
It’s safe to say that Evelynn is all bite, no bark.

K/DA Evelynn cosplay will catch you way off guard

Telling Dexerto that she “explored the characters of LoL before I’ve started playing it and I found them really cool,” Polina notes that “the first thing I was attracted to were the game’s skins. Riot Games did a great job with the design. It looks like those guys created characters especially for cosplay.

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“Then I started playing and was excited, so I currently spend several hours a day in the LoL world. Then I watched Arcane, so now I can say for sure, that LoL is one of my favorite universes.”

Electing to go for Evelynn because “I’m always into strong girls with kinda ‘bitchy’ faces, even though unfortunately I don’t have this type of face myself,” she confesses that “girls who can not only hold their own but are real bada**es (here comes also Jinx, Katarina, Vi), just fascinate me a lot.”

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“I’ve chosen the K/DA skin because it’s just bright and shiny, and actually I guess it has become the most popular in the cosplay society (I suppose because of the same reason as I’ve already mentioned). I also try to feel the pulse of my subscribers. If they like my Evelynn in her most popular skin, they will probably like to see me in her other skins.”

And we’re pretty sure her followers will want to see more of Polina’s Evelynn. Lurking in violet-tinted shadows, glaring back into the camera while striking Evelynn’s signature pose, her shimmering jacket, and patent leather accessories dynamically reflect the light. With one sharpened talon between her teeth, you can’t help but want to walk straight into Polina’s web.

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While she reveals that this cosplay was bought because she “hates sewing,” and much prefers “making armor from EVA foam,” the outfit came with some difficulties.

“After making this costume I have taken a break from making costumes at all. You know, it always looks easy at the beginning, but when you start you come across unexpected problems. But it really looks nice in the end, so I’m quite satisfied with the result.”

She’s so satisfied that we can expect to see more League cosplays in the future – a whole lot of them! “I already have Katarina in my cosplay collection (she was the first one, with her I’ve started LoL cosplay journey.) What others do I plan on doing? I guess there’s no Evelynn without Akali!

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“I’m also thinking of some more Akali skins, and definitely dreaming to cosplay Vi, even though I have to beef up for her cosplay. I’m also thinking of Zoe and Lux but further into the future. And who doesn’t want to cosplay Jinx after that great Arcane series?!”

And who doesn’t want to see more of Polina’s League cosplays after this stunning Evelynn? We can’t wait to see her Akali, but would also see her walk on the bright side as the perpetually peppy Lux – unless she goes for the Demacian’s Dark Cosmic skin, of course!

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