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League of Legends cosplayer celebrates the festive season as Elf Jinx

Published: 20/Dec/2020 4:06

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


A popular cosplayer named Timber decided to celebrate the festive season in style by cosplaying Elf Jinx from League of Legends. It gives the crazy and reckless champion a whole new look.

There’s no better way to celebrate the festive season than to cosplay your favorite character with a Christmas-themed twist, and Ambitious Elf Jinx from League of Legends is a perfect fit.

Jinx usually rocks an iconic punky look with blue hair split into two long pigtails, a lightweight purple and black outfit, and bulky leather boots. However, the Elf Jinx skin paints her in a different light.


It makes her look like a traditional elf, complete with a red and white hat and outfit, green and red striped leggings, and pointy red shoes. It changes her hair from blue to blonde as well. She could easily be mistaken for one of Santa’s little helpers.

League of Legends Elf Jinx Cosplay
Riot Games
Jinx’s default skin looks very different from Elf Jinx.

Now that Christmas is around the corner, Elf Jinx has been popping up left, right, and center in League of Legends. It’s always a popular choice at this time of year. However, a cosplayer named Timber brought her to life in the real world, and she looks stunning.

“You‘re my favorite waste of bullets,” she said, referring to one of the champion’s quote. “More Jinx content for you. The picture shows her looking the part, sitting on top of a toy train, surrounded by presents.



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The outfit is perfect from head to toe. However, the props and expressions are on point too. The smoking gun and elven look like the real deal. They tie in together perfectly with the devilish smile on her face.

Timber was kind enough to let her fans see her Elf Jinx cosplay from a different perspective. The second picture has her sitting in a room surrounded by white walls, white presents, and even a frosty-looking tree. It makes her outfit look even more vibrant.


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It’s hard to find a cosplay that captures the spirit of the festive season better than this one.


It’s something that anyone can enjoy at this time of time year, regardless of whether they play League of Legends.

Timber has done an excellent job and deserves the thousands of likes that keep pouring in.