League cosplayer delivers justice as Arcane’s fearsome Vi

. 4 months ago
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Riot Games, theelfinartist

Arcane, Riot Games’ League of Legends-inspired Netflix show, thrust fans into the turbulent world of age old champions Jinx and Vi, but one cosplayer has brought the pink-haired powerhouse to life with this stunning cosplay. 

As Riot Games continue to go from strength to strength following the triumphant release of their League of Legends-inspired Netflix show, Arcane, cosplayers from across the globe have recreated the show’s now iconic champions in droves.

We’ve seen stunning renditions of everyone from main antagonist, Jinx, to an insane recreation of fan favorite inventor turned Shimmer-obsessed scientist, Viktor.

Up next on cosplay hitlist is Powder’s tortured sister, Vi, who has been brought to life by LA based cosplayer theelfinartist (Brie) in an outfit that will have your jaw on the floor (probably because Vi put it there).

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Netflix: Arcane
Fearless to the end, Vi has etched herself into the League history books as a fan favorite.

League of Legends Arcane Vi cosplay is spectacular

They note that they’re not a huge League of Legends player — but they’ve learned a lot about the game’s characters and lore.

“I’m not a hardcore LoL gamer, but many of my friends are, so I’ve gotten to experience it through them and have always been inspired by the gorgeous characters’ designs and exciting lore!” they said. “I’ve cosplayed from LoL a few times before, and when Arcane came out I was absolutely obsessed with both the story, characters, and gorgeous art. I had to bring these kick-a*s characters to life!”

Starting their Arcane cosplay journey as Jinx, Brie was quick to bring Vi to life, too. “Vi is another favorite character of mine and her character speaks volumes to me,” they told Dexerto. “I relate to both of the sisters so much, but I’m also a sucker for strong-willed characters with muscles and tattoos so I knew I had to do my own spin on Vi with some casual and fashion cosplays of her.”

Brie’s cosplay isn’t the conventional red leather jacket, though, as they wanted to put their own spin on Zaun’s feisty fighter. “Usually I make my cosplays from scratch (like I’m doing with Jinx) but with Vi, because I was taking a fashion spin on the concept, I only made the wig and then shopped and styled her outfit from my closet, tweaking things as needed.”

It’s the unconventional nature of this cosplay that makes it so unique, however, as we can imagine this fashionista version of Vi stalking plague-ridden streets of Zaun in search of their beloved Powder. Steampunk-esque tattoos snake down their arms, with a white sports bra hugging tightly to their muscled form. Wispy magenta hair ripples down to their shoulders, and that iconic facial tattoo peeks out from beneath hooded eyes.

Speaking of that stunning wig, it was this that caused Brie the most trouble. “The wig was actually completely reconstructed from a different LoL cosplay wig that I had used in the past!” they state, recalling “the wig was very resistant to the dying process, which made it a bit more intense of a styling job than I originally intended.”

For those (like us) who are obsessed with Brie’s fashion twists on classic characters, fear not! There are more League cosplays in the works. “I’ve already cosplayed Evelynn, Akali, and I’m working on finishing my Jinx cosplay, but I have plans for more Arcane characters and other Akali designs!”

Will we see Brie transform into Piltover’s finest sheriff, Caitlyn? Or is Viktor more up their alley? Time will tell, but until then we can’t get enough of their Vi.

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