Last of Us Part 2 cosplayer is the best Ellie we’ve ever seen

Ellie from the last of Us Part II next to cosplayerNaughty Dog / PlayStation / Instagram: @dabbucosplay

The Last of Us Part II fans were stunned by a cosplayer’s take on Ellie that’s so accurate, it’s almost as if the heroine has jumped out of the screen. The artist’s mind-blowing rendition truly brings the Naughty Dog protagonist to life.

Seven years after the original made its debut, The Last of Us Part II finally dropped in 2020. The Naughty Dog project was the PlayStation 4’s swan song and even won Game of the Year at the Game Awards. 

Cosplayer ‘dabbucosplay’ celebrated the Sony title with her jaw-dropping transformation into Ellie. The artist’s incredibly faithful recreation gave fans of the title an idea of what the heroine would look like in real life. 

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Ellie in the last of us part II playing guitarNaughty Dog / PlayStation
A viral Last of Us Part II cosplay has fans buzzing.

Last of Us Part II cosplayer goes viral as real-life Ellie

Talented artist Dabbu went viral in 2020 when she showed off her incredible Ellie cosplay from the hit PlayStation 3 release. The artist was praised by fans at the time for just how much she looked like the iconic Naughty Dog protagonist.

The cosplayer is now making waves again in 2021 with her even more impressive portrayal of the heroine from Part II. The cosplayer brought the character life again in a series of gorgeous photos posted on social media.

Covered in scars and dirt across her face, Dabbu perfectly captures Ellie’s intense post-apocalyptic journey featured in the sequel. From her torn blue shirt to her arm wraps, the artist depicts the character’s rough experiences in the new story arc.

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As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the artist also accurately recreated one of the most iconic scenes from Part II where Ellie is playing her guitar while sitting against a tree. Every little detail of the photo is faithful to the game, so much so that it could easily be mistaken from a screenshot.


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Fans of the PlayStation title were blown away by her pictures, such as one player who exclaimed, “Holy crap I thought this was a screenshot from the game.” Another wrote, “You should have been cast for the HBO [show].”

One commentator even said, “Best Ellie cosplay EVER.”

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Last of Us 2 fans were floored by the viral Ellie cosplayInstagram
Naughty Dog fans were floored by the Ellie cosplay.

Dabbu also portrays other characters from movies and games, each of them just as mind-blowing as her The Last of Us costume. Those interested should make sure to drop by her Instagram.

Fans of the Naughty Dog series are in luck as the franchise is officially being adapted into a live-action drama show for HBO. For everything we know so far about the project, check out our guide here.