Kill la Kill cosplayer takes over Honnoji Academy as Ryuko Matoi

Screenshot of Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill anime next to cosplayer.Studio Ghibli / Instagram: @cat_bat_cosplay

A Kill la Kill cosplayer went viral on Instagram after sharing her stunning recreation of Ryuko Matoi. The talented artist gave fans of the anime a look at what the Studio Trigger protagonist would look like in real life.

A surprise hit in 2013, Kill la Kill quickly hooked anime viewers with its bombastic story and over-the-top animation. The series is now considered a classic and helped solidify Studio Trigger as one of the genre’s most popular voices.

Popular cosplayer Krissy ‘cat_bat_cosplay‘ celebrated the show’s fierce lead protagonist, Ryuko Matoi, by bringing her to life with a detailed costume. Her insanely accurate depiction will leave fans in awe.

Screenshot of Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill anime.Studio Trigger
The 2013 Studio Trigger anime is considered a classic almost a decade later.

Kill la Kill cosplayer brings Ryuko Matoi to life

Kill la Kill centers around Ryuko’s quest for revenge as the story opens up with her father being assassinated. The fierce protagonist follows the only clues she has to Honnoji Academiy, where she enrolls to find the killer responsible for destroying her family.

Prolific cosplayer cat_bat_cosplay made waves on social media when she uploaded her mind-blowing transformation into the heroine. In a series of selfies, the artist posed in the character’s signature navy school uniform while also perfectly mirroring Matoi’s short cropped blue hair.

In the story, Ryuko’s outfit is actually a living breathing entity known as Senketsu. Krissy’s depiction of the creature is full of accurate details from the anime, such as the red and orange patch under her left shoulder which is supposed to represent its eye.


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In another shot shared to Instagram, cat_bat_cosplay gave viewers a closer view at how she captured the character’s unique look with her feathered hairstyle. Not only is it a one-for-one match from the show, she even included her dyed-red bangs.


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Despite its overwhelming popularity, there has been no talks about Kill la Kill getting a second season. Fans of the anime can revisit the show’s story in the 2019 arena fighting game, IF, by Bandai Namco.

Those interested in watching the Studio Trigger’s project are in luck as it can be watched in its entirety right now on streaming services Crunchyroll and Netflix.