Kill la Kill cosplayer stands up to the Elite Four with epic Ryuko take

. 2 years ago
Studio Trigger / Instagram: @ninisauruscosplay

Kill la Kill’s protagonist Ryuko Matoi was brought to life by a cosplayer’s insanely accurate outfit. The talented artist transformed into the anime heroine with a perfect re-creation.

Kill la Kill exploded into the anime scene in 2013 as its over-the-top storytelling and bombastic animation had viewers on the edges of their seats. The Studio Trigger series left its unmistakable mark on the medium.

A cosplay artist shared her stunning take on fierce protagonist Ryuko Matoi, and wowed fans by how much she looked like the popular character from the show.

Studio Trigger
Kill la Kill burst into the anime scene with its 2013 debut.

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Kill la Kill’s Ryuko brought to life

The story revolves around Ryuko, who sets out to avenge her father after he’s brutally killed by an assassin. Soon, she’s bonded to a living piece of cloth named Senketsu who takes the form of a navy blue school uniform.

Cosplayer ‘ninisauruscosplay‘ showed off her Kill la Kill costume on social media, and looked exactly like the anime’s stubborn protagonist. She nailed the character’s feathery blue hair, even down to the swept red colored bangs.

The talented artist posed as Matoi, giving fans a full glimpse of her re-creation of the living attire from the red and yellow eye that peers open on her left shoulder, to the cropped top that connects to the pleated skirt.

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Nini shared more photos of her outfit on Instagram, and with a close-up shot she held the heroine’s iconic red scissor blade. Grasping the weapon, the cosplayer showed off the details that went into her costume, including the character’s signature red gloves.

The artist posted another set of pictures from her cosplay that show her piercing blue eyes and black eyeliner, which will have fans seeing double. It’s how we always imagined the character would look like in real life.

Fans of the series were impressed with her incredibly accurate outfit, such as user ‘spyderfilms’ who said “This is a fantastic Ryuko.” Another user ‘baraduke’ exclaimed “This is NOT a cosplay! You ARE ryuko,” clearly amazed by how much she looks like the protagonist.

Instagram: @spyderfilms / @baraduke
Kill la Kills fans were impressed with the cosplayer’s take on Ryuko.

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The final episode of Kill la Kill aired in March 2014, and brought the incredible journey to a close. The show has built a massive following since its completion.

The series popularity has even spawned a fighting video game in 2019 titled ‘IF’. Those looking to watch the modern classic anime can stream every single episode on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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