Kill la Kill cosplayer slashes her way to victory as Ryuko Matoi

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Screenshot of Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill anime next to cosplayer.
Studio Trigger / Instagram: @ariadna_lobe

A Kill la Kill cosplayer brought Ryuko Matoi to life with a stunning transformation into the Studio Trigger heroine. It will leave fans of the anime in awe.

Kill la Kill was the breakout series of the 2013 anime season. Viewers fell in love with Studio Trigger’s over-the-top animation style and the story’s ridiculous plot. Despite only making its debut seven years ago, many already consider the franchise to be a modern classic.

A talented cosplayer celebrated her love for the sho, by sharing her true-to-life take on protagonist Ryuko Matoi. The artist’s faithful portrayal of the character is so perfect, it’s almost as if the heroine has slashed her way out of the screen with her Scissor Blade.

Screenshot of Ryuko Matoi in Kill La Kill anime.
Studio Trigger
The Studio Trigger heroine has already become an iconic anime character.

Kill la Kill cosplayer becomes real life Ryuko Matoi

The anime starts off with a bang, with protagonist Ryuko wrestling with the death of her parent. She embarks on a journey of revenge by enrolling in Honnōji Academy to track down the group responsible for her father’s passing.

Cosplayer ‘Ariadna Lobe‘ shared her jaw-dropping transformation into the anime character in a series of posts on Instagram. Photographer ‘pika_akvalang‘ captured the skilled artist posing in Matoi’s iconic navy blue academy uniform.

In the story, Ryuko’s outfit is actually a living creature named Senketsu, which Ariadna perfectly depicts by recreating his yellow and red eye which runs along her left collar. She also depicted the red bow and her white sneakers.


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A post shared by Ariadna Lobe (@ariadna_lobe)

In another shot, the cosplayer re-created a scene from the show where Matoi wields her red Scissor Blade. The artist impressively had a life-size prop of the signature weapon, as well as her red gloves which she uses to draw her own blood.


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A post shared by Ariadna Lobe (@ariadna_lobe)

Despite only making its debut in 2013, Kill la Kill has already become a fan favorite in the cosplay community. The groundbreaking show also helped propel Studio Trigger to being one of the most popular studios in the medium.

Those looking to check out the series are in luck as they can watch it in its entirety on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation. It’s also available on Netflix.

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