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Kill la Kill cosplayer leads the Fight Club as Mako Mankanshoku

Published: 19/Apr/2020 19:51

by Brent Koepp


A talented cosplayer readied for battle as Kill la Kill’s Mako Mankanshoku with her true-to-life costume. The artist’s perfect portrayal of the anime heroine is one of the best things you will ever see.

The anime world was rocked by the 2013 debut of Studio Trigger’s Kill la Kill. The show’s raucous characters and bombastic plot made it one of the medium’s most entertaining properties in years.


A cosplayer transformed into Mako Mankanshoku, the lovable sidekick to protagonist Ryuko Matoi. The artist re-created the character’s fan-favorite Fight Club look, and will leave fans in awe.

Studio Trigger
Studio Trigger’s 2013 anime has become a cult classic among anime fans.

Kill la Kill’s Mako brought to life

The story begins with Ryuko enrolling at the Honnoji Academy to seek answers after her father is assassinated. She quickly makes best friends with the overly hyper Mako, who sticks by her side through thick and thin.


Cosplayer ‘anzujaamu’ brought the sidekick to life, when she dressed up in her infamous Two-Star Goku uniform which she received as president of the Fight Club. Photographer ‘cdgenc’ captured her striking a tough pose.

The artist’s costume is full of detail, from her signature officer’s cap, to the black gold trimmed coat that hangs off her shoulders. She even included her red spiked wrist guards, as she crosses her arms and looks on menacingly.


In more photos posted to Instagram, Anzu also created the KLK character’s school uniform which consists of a white top with a light blue scarf and pleated skirt. She also nailed her short light brown bob hairstyle.

The cosplayer hilariously embodied the heroine’s quirky personality by mimicking one of her stances from the animation. She looks so much like Mankanshoku, this could easily be mistaken for a scene directly from the show itself.

In another shot posted on photographer ‘cdgenc’s account, they cleverly re-created Mako’s ridiculous rants. In the show, she bounces around the screen and makes various poses, which they depicted perfectly here.

Studio Trigger’s anime has continued to explode in popularity since its debut almost seven years ago. While there was only one season, it’s continuously been a fan-favorite among cosplayers at conventions.

Those looking for more can check out the fighting video game based on the show called IF, which is on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The whole series can also be watched on Netflix and Hulu.


Attack on Titan cosplayer is ready for battle as Mikasa Ackerman

Published: 12/Oct/2020 13:12 Updated: 12/Oct/2020 19:17

by Matt Porter


Attack on Titan Season 4 is just around the corner, and a talented fan of the show has shown off their incredible take on the Survey Corps’ Mikasa Ackerman, bringing the character to life in stunning detail.

Since its debut back in 2013, fans across the globe have been enamored with the story of Eren Yeager and Mikasa, who become refugees when one of the giant humanoid creatures known as Titans breached the walls that protected humanity and killed Eren’s mother.


Determined to destroy the creatures who killed his family, Eren vowed to join the Scout Regiment and head out beyond the walls to kill every Titan he saw, and free humanity from the threat for good. Mikasa, who made a vow as a child to protect him always after he saved her life, quickly followed him, and the inseparable pair joined the war together.

Talented with a sword in her hand, and an expert at swinging through towns or forests using her ODM gear, Mikasa is one of the most feared and dangerous members of the Scouts. Despite her personality sometimes leading others to think she is cold or standoffish, Mikasa is a true fan-favorite, thanks to her incredible skill and her undying love for Eren. She’s so popular in fact, that she has become the most cosplayed character from the series.

Mikasa fighting in Attack on Titan.
Crunchyroll / Wit Studio
Mikasa is one of the most powerful characters in the popular anime.

Cosplayer ‘jeisuzukii‘ brought the character to life in stunning detail, capturing the Scout’s black hair perfectly, and making sure to wear the iconic red scarf that she is rarely seen without, and has become a staple of any good Mikasa cosplay.

She is also wearing the recognizable brown leather jacket that anyone who is part of the Survey Corps wears, complete with the Scouts’ recognizable logo, a pair of white and blue wings known as the ‘Wings of Freedom,’ a symbol of hope that they make escape the tyranny of the Titans.

The cosplay is truly stunning and looks like it was lifted straight out of the anime. If a live-action Attack on Titan was ever commissioned, it would be no surprise if it looked exactly like this.


Attack on Titan’s third season ended with a blockbuster revelation about the origin of the Titans and the war that the Scouts have waged for hundreds of years, leaving fans desperately waiting for the final season of the show.

The good news is that the fourth season of the anime is still set in fall 2020, with the teaser trailer released in late May.