Kill la Kill cosplayer destroys life fibers as Ryuko Matoi

Brent Koepp
Studio Trigger / Instagram: @tenevi_hagane

A talented Kill la Kill cosplayer went viral with her insanely accurate Ryuko Matoi costume. The artist’s faithful depiction of the anime heroine will leave Studio Trigger fans stunned.

Kill la Kill made its explosive debut in 2013. Viewers quickly took to the series’ absurd plot about living clothes called ‘Life Fibers’ and its over-the-top action sequences. The Studio Trigger anime is already considered a modern day classic.

The show’s fiery protagonist Ryuko Matoi was brought to life by a cosplayer’s detailed work. The incredible re-creation is so good, it’s almost as if the heroine has sliced her way out of the screen with her red scissor blade.

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Kill la Kill’s Ryuko Matoi brought to life

Kill la Kill begins with the death of Ryuko’s father, which sets her on a path to avenge him by tracking down his assassin. Enrolling at Honnoji Academy, the protagonist fights her way to the top to get answers.

Cosplayer ‘tenevi_hagane‘ transformed into Matoi, and stunned with an incredibly detailed costume. The artist perfectly captures the heroine’s messy black hair, even including her signature red highlight on her swept bangs.

She posed in the character’s living outfit Senketsu, which takes the shape of an academy uniform. The photo is so accurate, that it could be mistaken for official promo art for a live action version of the animation.

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Tenevi shared more photos of her work on social media, and showed off the incredible re-creation of Ryuko’s iconic scissor blade from the show. The artist channeled the fighter’s spirit by holding the massive prop weapon behind her back.

Fans of the series will be sure to be blown away by how faithful the cosplayer’s work is. The amount of detail is amazing to say the least – she even captured Senketsu’s orange and yellow eye pattern under her collar.

As if Tenevi’s work wasn’t impressive enough, the cosplay artist also created Matoi’s second outfit. In the story, her living attire, Senketsu, transforms after she uses Life Fiber Synchronize. The artist nailed the character’s powerful look.

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Despite ending in 2014, Studio Trigger’s over-the-top anime has continued to grow in popularity over the years. Those looking to watch the influential series can catch all episodes on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Kill La Kill fans hungry for more content can also check out the 2019 fighting game ‘IF’ which released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The title was developed by Bandai Namco.