Kakegurui cosplayer hits the jackpot with incredible Mary Saotome outfit

by Michael Gwilliam


A Kakegurui fan decided to up the ante with her take on the anime’s primary protagonist Mary Saotome with an impressive outfit that looks like it’s ripped right from Hyakkaou Private Academy.

In a series of photos, Virtual Fox Cosplay showed off her uniform, that she ended up wearing to a few conventions.

The attire consists of the default school uniform, dawned by many students and gamblers at the academy which consists of a red blazer over a button-up shirt and gray skirt. Virtual Fox also included the black stockings and brown shoes to complete the ensemble.


The real element that conveys Mary, however, is her long blonde hair, and Virtual Fox took the extra effort to make sure it was properly implemented with a well-crafted wig.

Finally, just the right amount of makeup and dark yellow contacts separate their take on Mary from other potential students.

In some photos, the Kakegurui fan poses with fellow cosplayer Cobalt Cosplay, and together they look ripped right from the pages of the manga.


With Cobalt dressed as the show’s star Yumeko Jabami the two hit it off and look ready to team up at either the poker table or an elaborately complicated gamble.

“We want to gamble more and more!” Virtual Fox captioned one of the photos of the two girls sitting side-by-side.

In addition to Mary, Virtual Fox has also dressed up as Demon Slayer’s Nezuko, Touka from Tokyo Ghoul, and 2B from Nier Automata.


Unfortunately, a third season of Kakegurui has yet to be announced, but if it eventually does come out, we can probably bet on seeing even more cosplays from both Fox and Cobalt.

As for who they will cosplay as, with so many options, the sky is the limit.