Jessica Nigri turns a trash can into art with “hot garbage” cosplay

jessica nigriJessica Nigri

Legendary cosplayer Jessica Nigri went on the Trash Taste podcast and created a trash can cosplay in honor of her appearance.

If you’ve used the internet at all over the last decade, chances are you’ve come across a cosplay from Jessica Nigri.

Nigri has long been one of the more popular cosplayers and has been able to break into the mainstream via her incredible outfits inspired by all forms of media like gaming, movies, and anime.

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Now, the 33-year-old may have delivered her most iconic look yet, in an outfit you surely are not expecting to slay as hard as it does.

Jessica Nigri, TwitterJessica Nigri, Twitter
Nigri is one of the most popular cosplayers on the internet.

Jessica Nigri cosplays as a trash can

The Nevada-born social media star was a guest on the Trash Taste podcast on August 19. To celebrate her appearance, she cosplayed as a “trash can anime babe” that brings the show’s logo to life.

The outfit was absolutely incredible, with a trash can as a hat, huge horn ears, and a massive trash weapon that was taller than her.

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Nigri explained why she went so hard with the costume, saying, ” I wanted to make something as a thank you for having me, so I made a personification of their logo.”

Jessica posted a video to her YouTube channel showing off the outfit in greater detail.

The video also gives a detailed behind-the-scenes look at how she built the costume and exactly how much time and energy went into the project.

There’s no doubt this is one of Jessica’s best cosplay outfits ever and sets a new bar for podcast logo cosplays for sure.

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