Insane Apex Legends Octane cosplay is one of the best ever

Octane in Apex Legends next to Octane cosplayerRespawn Entertainment / IG: RubenDelight

Octane is one of the wackiest and most distinctive characters in Apex Legends. One fan has shared their insane cosplay of the Legend, and it’s arguably one the best we’ve ever seen.

It’s no surprise that Apex Legends’ high-Speed Daredevil Octane is one of the most picked Legends in the popular battle royale due to his unrivaled and unique mobility options.

His popularity even stretches further beyond the Apex Games, with one fan dressing up as the Legend in what could be considered one of the most impressive cosplays we’ve seen to date.

It’s so good in fact, that others couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t the real thing.

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Octane Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Octane is the most popular character in Season 12.

In an April 8 Reddit thread, Apex Legends fan u/rubendelight shared his outstanding cosplay of Octane, which took him a respectable year of on and off work to complete.

It’s fair to say the community absolutely loved the cosplay, with it being so spectacular that some couldn’t even tell it wasn’t the real Octane.

When compared to its in-game counterpart, it’s almost impossible to spot any differences.


“I didn’t even notice it was cosplay,” said one. “I thought it was some hyper-expensive figurine, looks f**king awesome man.” Another added: “Legit thought this was a 3D model. Very nice job!”

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RubenDelight added some context behind the cosplay and went into detail on how the costume was actually made. “The entire costume is made by hand besides the black belt. The props are all 3D modeled and printed or made out of foam,” he wrote.

“The tattoo is photoshopped for these shots but I did recreate the tattoo in illustrator and made temporary tattoos for them to wear to conventions or future photoshoots. Only the Wingman model was not made by me to save time but is from Kallunke on Thingiverse. I printed and painted it myself.”


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“This has got to be the best apex legends cosplay I’ve ever seen,” said another fan. “I thought this was a computer model. I’m very impressed congrats.”

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