Incredible Overwatch cosplay brings Black Cat D.Va to life

by Bill Cooney



One Overwatch fan and cosplayer decided to share their amazing Black Cat costume that looks just like D.Va brought to life.

D.Va is definitely one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch, and because of that she’s also served as inspiration for countless cosplays by fans.

Overwatch cosplayer PM_5_10 may not have been the first to do Black Cat D.Va, but her take on it is certainly one of the best we’ve seen so far.

"Nerf This!"

“I know my KDR”

Every true Overwatch fan knows that to pull off a great D.Va cosplay, you have to channel your inner gamer girl which is especially true for the Black Cat skin, of course. PM_5_10 has that part down with her own custom Black Cat light gun.

The entire costume is on point, from the checkered tights to D.Va’s dress, and might be as close to a real-life D.Va as we’re going to get.

True D.Va fans know Black Cat is one of her best skins.

PM_5_10 pulled off the skin’s blonde hair and even included Black Cat D.Va’s cute little ears as the cherry on top.

Black Cat D.Va isn’t the first Overwatch cosplay PM_5_10 has knocked out of the park, but it’s certainly one of her best so far.

As close to a real-life D.Va as you're going to get.

When will we get a new D.Va skin?

The next opportunity for new Overwatch skins will be during the Summer Games event, which should start at the beginning of August, according to Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan.

D.Va mains probably shouldn’t hold their breath for a new skin for the MEKA pilot, because she got her Legendary “Wave Racer” skin last year during Summer Games 2018.

John Gotch/Blizzard Entertainment
John Gotch/Blizzard Entertainment
Wave Racer D.Va is perfect for Summer.

Of course, there’s no rule that a hero can’t get a new skin for two years in a row during an event, so there’s always the chance that we could see a new D.Va skin later this Summer.