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GTA RP cosplayer grabs Sykkuno’s attention with perfect Yuno Sykk look

Published: 5/Sep/2021 14:16 Updated: 5/Sep/2021 14:17

by Connor Bennett


A cosplayer managed to grab Sykkuno’s attention after showing off their perfect recreation of his GTA RP persona Yuno Sykk. 

While he’s recently a break from GTA RP, one of the biggest questions from fans and fellow streamers is just exactly when will Sykkuno make his return to the NoPixel server.

The Twitch star became one of the best criminals in the virtual city as he could hack banks without breaking a sweat and his Yuno Sykk character was pretty well-liked by everyone on the server thanks to his wholesome interactions.

While he’s clearly left his mark on his fellow players, the streamer’s character has also become a source of inspiration for his fans too.


NoPixel Wiki
Sykkuno’s Yuno character has become a star in GTA RP.

Twitter user xc0ffin garnered plenty of attention on September 4 as they found a Sykkuno cosplayer at the San Japan convention in San Antonio, Texas dressed up as Yuno Sykk.

The cosplayer perfectly captured his GTA RP persona, dressing up in a sharp suit, all black biker helmet, and even having his signature light-up sneakers and duffle bag to boot as well.  Of course, no Yuno look could be complete without his take on the lean, which is also on full display.

While many fans gushed over the cosplay, it also managed to grab the attention of Sykkuno who gave the photo a thumbs up with a sneaky little like on Twitter.


To this point, the cosplayer has remained unnamed and many fans want to shower them in praise, asking for their fellow Sykkuno fan to reveal themselves.

Maybe, just maybe, the cosplay will be the spark that gets Sykkuno back into the action-packed world of GTA RP but either way, we can’t to see if anyone tries to one-up this look with their own.