Genshin Impact cosplayer freezes foes as chilling Eula

Eula from Genshin Impact next to cosplayermiHoYo / Instagram: @roxanne.kho

A Genshin Impact cosplayer went viral online after bringing Eula to life with her mind-blowing costume. The artist’s perfect depiction of the miHoYo heroine will leave fans in awe.

Genshin Impact was the surprise hit of 2020 as players were shocked with the free-to-play action RPG’s Breath of the Wild-style gameplay and gorgeous graphics.

Popular cosplayer Roxanne Kho celebrated the game’s newest character, Eula Lawrence, by transforming into the heroine with her insanely accurate costume.

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Eula in Genshin ImpactmiHoYo
The Cryo-based heroine was introduced in a 2021 update.

Genshin Impact’s Eula brought to life with jaw-dropping cosplay

Making her debut in Genshin Impact’s 1.5 update, Eula is the latest character to be added to the popular RPG. Players were able to unlock the 5-star protagonist starting in May 2021 using the game’s Gacha feature.  Despite only releasing recently, players have already fallen in love with her fierce Cryo skills.

Prolific cosplayer Roxanne Kho made waves online after sharing her true-to-life take on the heroine. The talented artist brings the action RPG to life with her meticulously crafted costume. From head to toe, her recreation is incredibly faithful to Eula’s outfit seen in the game.

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In a photo sent to Dexerto, Kho posed in the heroine’s signature battle attire. Her faithful reproduction is full of details, such as the crossing blue ribbons used to tie her arm sleeves together. The bottom half of her bodysuit even sports an open slit that runs alongside her hip. The opening is covered with mesh material that runs down her leg.

Cosplayer Roxanne Kho cosplays as Genshin Impact heroine EulaRoxanne Kho
The talented cosplayer transformed into Eula from Genshin Impact.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the artist also teamed up with photographer ‘xanderx20a‘ to perfectly re-create the character’s splash screen featured on her in-game banner. Mirroring the iconic picture, the artist wields Eula’s signature blade as wind and snow flies around her.

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The giant life-size prop weapon by seancosplay is brought to life with the help of incredible effects and editing by ‘zackt‘. Roxanne’s incredible take on the popular Genshin character is one of the best we’ve ever seen and truly feels like a scene straight out of the RPG.

Roxanne Kho recreate Genshin Impact's Eula splash screenThe talented cosplayer brings Genshin Impact to life with her stunning recreation.

Roxanne Kho has built a career cosplaying as some of the most popular anime and gaming characters. Those interested in seeing the rest of her insanely accurate costumes should check out her Instagram which you can find here.

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Despite only releasing in 2020, Genshin Impact has already become one of the most profitable mobile and free-to-play games of all time. Players can’t get enough of its addictive gameplay and an ever-increasing roster of characters such as Eula.

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