Genshin Impact cosplayer commands the waves as Mona

genshin impact mona cosplay imagemiHoYo, zirael_rem

Genshin Impact’s resident Astrologist and Hydromancer, Mona, has won the hearts of the game’s fanbase with her vibrant personality, and one cosplayer has perfectly encapsulated her likeness.

Of Teyvat’s cast of colorful characters, Hydromancer and Astrologist extraordinaire, Mona Megistus, has won over thousands of Travelers.

Commanding the power of the oceans to her will, the bubbly character has become a popular choice for avid cosplayers. We’ve seen a whole collection of stunning cosplays, all of which perfectly channel the five-star hydro queen.

Adding her rendition into the mix is cosplay model, zirael_rem (Asya), whose spectacular recreation of Genshin’s Mona will have you seeing stars (literally, because she’s an Astrologist).

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genshin impact mona using a spellmiHoYo
Hydromancer and queen of naps, Mona, has become a popular choice for Genshin Impact cosplayers.

Genshin Impact Mona cosplay sweeps away competitors

It turns out that Mona has been on Asya’s mind for quite some time, as the game is popular with her followers. “My followers asked me to cosplay anyone from Genshin for a while, so I could not leave myself without Genshin Impact cosplay.

“I chose Mona because she is one of my favorite characters,” she told Dexerto, noting “I also like to pick her in the game because of her abilities.”

Taming the fiesty Hydromancer wasn’t easy, though, as she claims “my Mona cosplay was one of the hardest cosplays I’ve ever done. The photoshoot was exhausting because we needed to work with a special light to create magical photos. The suit contains lots of little details and it’s not comfortable to wear (especially the hat!) but it was great shooting. I’m satisfied with the result!”

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And satisfied she should be, as you’d be forgiven for assuming her Mona was a 3D render. Every little detail of that iconic purple outfit has been masterfully recreated, with the golden inlays shimmering in the aquamarine lighting. Violet hair ripples down her shoulders, held in place by a perfect recreation of Mona’s oversized sorceress hat.


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Noting that the cosplay “became very special to me,” she has confirmed that she’s been bitten by the Genshin bug. “Currently I’m preparing another two cosplays from Genshin, because this game is full awesome waifus with gorgeous costumes!”

Concluding that “Genshin Impact cosplays always look incredible!” we can’t wait to see which two characters she’ll transform into next. After all, there’s a whole roster to choose from!

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