Fullmetal Alchemist fan engineers crafty Winry Rockbell cosplay

by Michael Gwilliam


Texas-based model Ithileryn Cosplay brought the Fullmetal Alchemist character Winry Rockbell to life with a brilliantly-designed costume.

In the anime, the character wears an iconic green bandanna, black tube top, beige pants, and sandals. Like with any simple attire, the look has to be spot on, and for Ithileryn, she nailed it.

In a post on Instagram, Ithileryn shockingly revealed that her take on Rockbell was her very first cosplay ever attempted. What’s more, is it was incredibly easy for her. “All I did was dye thrifted pants and work shirt together,” she said.


She went on to explain the rest of the getup with instructions for anyone looking to try their take on Winry Rockbell: “Buy the tube top from Walmart, and some green fabric from JoAnn's.” She added how she always uses her natural hair for this particular cosplay.

In her most recent cosplay post, Vizmedia even replied and asked her if they could share it on their website and social media accounts. That’s how incredibly good it was. When you get a significant publisher wanting to use your cosplay, you know you’ve done an excellent job.

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Winry Rockbell is a supportive character and an old friend of series protagonist Edward Elric. Winry uses her automail engineer skills to make sure that Elric’s prosthetic limbs are in good working order. According to the official guide, she married Elric and had many children with him.


Ithileryn doesn’t just cosplay as Fullmetal Alchemist characters either. She’s also done Zero Suit Samus from Metroid, Jinx from League of Legends, and all sorts of other characters from nerd culture.

According to Ithileryn, she is in the progress of making an Elf Jinx cosplay next. If she puts as much effort into it as she did so with Winry, it’s bound to be incredible.