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Fruits Basket cosplayer becomes Tohru Honda with charming re-creation

Published: 16/Feb/2020 19:09

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A skilled fan has brought Fruits Basket’s main protagonist Tohru Honda to life in the most adorable cosplay you’ll see all day.

Fruits Basket follows the story of Tohru as she unfortunately becomes orphaned and moves into a house owned by the Sohma family in exchange for housekeeping. She then makes the shocking discovery that they can transform into the animals of the Zodiac. It first aired in 2001 and lasted for 26 episodes, before being remade in 2019.

Lovers of the original series were ecstatic to hear that it was being redone, and the updated show brought in new fans too as people adored the main character and her story. Cosplayer Canela from ‘Cinnamonmate’ decided to bring the student to life with a charming re-creation.

The 2001 design in comparison to 2019.

Fruits Basket Tohru Honda cosplay

In the show, the protagonist wears a school uniform that consists of a blue blazer with white and blue striped lapel. Canela recreates this with ease in her take, transforming the character into a real life work of art.

She even nails the striping on the sleeve cuffs and on the bottom hem of the jacket, leaving no intricate detail missed out or lost in any way.

Tohru famously has long brown hair that is cut into bangs which frame her face – something else the cosplay artist mimics perfectly, tying it all together with a pink ribbon on the side of her head. The photo was captured by ‘felix_works.’

In another shot captured by Kerubyn Cosplay, the 22-year-old holds Kyo Sohma, who is cursed by the spirit of the Cat. In the story, he is in love with Tohru, and the pair become closer as the show goes on.

The makeup used in the look is subtle but sweet, and the pink blush really brings out the charming nature of the protagonist, making it look like she’s stepped out from the TV screen itself.

You also get a better look at the uniform, which includes a blue skirt to match up with the blazer, alongside black knee-high socks and brown shoes.

For people who have yet to watch the wholesome anime, the first season of the 2019 reboot can be watched on Crunchyroll and Funimation and consists of 25 episodes.

A second season is also in the works, which is set to premiere in April 2020 on the same streaming platforms.


Steins;Gate cosplayer studies world lines as Kurisu Makise

Published: 3/Dec/2020 18:59

by Brent Koepp


A talented cosplayer brought Steins;Gate protagonist Kurisu Makise to life. The talented artist made waves on Instagram after transforming into the red-haired scientist. 

While Steins;Gate originally made its debut as a visual novel in 2009, the series’ animated adaptation in 2011 is considered one of the best animes of all time. Its complex sci-fi narrative and diverse cast of characters has connected with viewers around the world.

A cosplayer showed her love for the time travel story by transforming into protagonist Kurisu Makise. The artist’s true-to-life take on the scientist is so perfect, it’s almost as if the heroine has changed world lines and warped out of the screen.

Screenshot of Makise Kurisu in Steins;Gate anime giving lecture.
White Fox / Funimation
The genius scientist is one of the main protagonists in the 2011 anime.

Steins:Gate cosplayer wows as perfect Kurisu Makise

The anime opens with mad scientist Rintarou Okabe discovering a time anomaly involving physicist Kurisu. The heroine eventually joins the protagonist’s makeshift lab, where they discover time travel using a microwave machine and a cellphone. 

Cosplayer Leza ‘someonefromrussia’ made waves on Instagram after sharing her perfect re-creation of the red-haired scientist. Photographer ‘dobrolis’ captured the artist posing in the character’s signature outfit which consists of a white shirt, red tie, and black shorts.

The cosplayer showed off the incredible details of her outfit while mirroring a scene from the show where Makise holds a soda drink hilariously called DK Pepper. She even portrayed the heroine’s quirky sense of fashion by wearing her beige jacket around her elbows.

Leza also teamed up with fellow cosplayer ‘dan.aligieri2011’ who looks like the real life version of Okabe. The duo posed back-to-back for photographer ‘kmitenkova’, who shot them re-creating the anime’s iconic opening sequence.

Despite releasing over a decade ago, Steins;Gate is still incredibly popular and influential. The show is often ranked as one of the top best animes of all time by critics and fans.

The franchise was so beloved that it got a second season over seven years later called “Zero”. Fans can catch all episodes now on streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.