Froppy looks ready for battle in amazing My Hero Academia cosplay

Instagram: thegemcosplay / Bone Inc

While My Hero Academia may follow the story of Izuku Midoriya, one character who quickly captured the hearts of viewers was Froppy, and one cosplayer has shown their love for the character with an epic cosplay. 

Midoriya is a young man who dreams of becoming a professional hero, but in a world where 80% of the world’s population has a superpower, Deku is born quirkless, and thinks his dream is over until he meets his idol All-Might, who gives him the mythical power known as All For One.

Armed with his new abilities, he enrolls at the prestigious U.A. High School to hone his powers and learn to become a pro hero, and through his studies meets a host of new faces, including Tsuyu Asui, a character who quickly became a fan favorite amongst viewers of the anime.

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Froppy speaking in My Hero AcademiaBones Inc
Froppy is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia.

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While many think of heroes as bold and loud, Froppy is a shy but lovable hero in training. Don’t be fooled by her soft personality though, because the frog-like hero is as brave as they come, and showed her courage during the anime’s second season, fighting off an army of villains during her internship.

TheGemCosplay is clearly a fan of the character, showing off her incredible take on Froppy on Instagram with an instantly recognizable look thanks to the massive golden goggles she wears top of her hair, which is neatly parted into three separate sections – just like Asui.

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Of course, attention to detail is a must in any good cosplay, and Gemma ticks all the boxes with her version of Froppy, complete with the white harness she wears around her torso, the cuffed gloves, and the white belt with green accents that tie the whole thing together.

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My Hero Academia is speeding towards the end of it’s fourth season, which has saw Class 1-A struggle to balance their studies with the realities of being a professional hero.

For the first time ever, episodes are simulcasted every weekend, with both the English dubbed and Japanese versions available at the same time.

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