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Final Fantasy 7 Remake cosplayer summons Meteor as Sephiroth

Published: 20/Apr/2020 20:38 Updated: 22/Apr/2020 6:01

by Michael Gwilliam


A Final Fantasy 7 cosplayer tried her luck at adding a feminine twist to the game’s antagonist Sephiroth with her own unique cosplay take.

Cosplayer Vanessa Wedge added some neat touches to the former SOLDIER’s outfit by tweaking a few parts of the character to be more feminine while still remaining true to the source material.

To begin, the most obvious change is the addition of a black bra whereas in the game, the top of his coat is open revealing his chest. Additionally, the antagonist’s belt is a bit higher up in Wedge’s version.

Square Enix
Sephiroth nearly killed Cloud in Advent Children.

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Aside from those modifications, the rest of the cosplay is pretty spot in. Everything from the shoulder armor, black coat and gloves, and even battle stance are nicely recreated by the cosplayer.

She even went through the trouble of adding Sephiroth’s legendary katana, Masamune, and, in several poses, Vanessa wields the weapon and even charges into battle.

Last but not least, Wedge’s white wig nails the flowing silver hair of the One-Winged Angel.

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In her most recent photo, appropriately titled “touching reunion,” the cosplayer digitally inserted the character’s wing as a meteor above heads towards Earth.


This isn’t the only Final Fantasy cosplay the model has done either; Wedge’s Instagram also includes photos of her dressed as Tifa Lockhart and Aerith.

Aside from Final Fantasy, she’s also cosplayed as Street Fighter’s Chun-Li, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and more.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been extremely well-received with an average of 88 on MetaCritic from 103 critic reviews. Meanwhile, users scores average out to a solid eight out of ten.

The remake differs from the original in several ways and with multiple parts still to come for the project, there’s no telling just how the different things will shape up, potentially leading to even more unique cosplay possibilities in the future.


Hopefully, Wedge tries her luck dressing as them the same way she did with Sephiroth.