Fierce Overwatch cosplay will have D.Va fans asking “is this easy mode?” - Dexerto

Fierce Overwatch cosplay will have D.Va fans asking “is this easy mode?”

Published: 9/Feb/2020 17:36

by Eli Becht


This superb Overwatch cosplay brings the popular tank D.Va to life in a way we’ve never seen before.

Overwatch has such a vast array of characters, but cosplayers definitely have a select few that they enjoy dressing up as the most.

D.Va, one of the original heroes in the game, is one of those, and despite so many different takes on the same character, there are still times where you can find yourself blown away by what somebody has come up with.

Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va online!

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Cosplayer i_n_o_p_l_a_n_e_t_y_a_n_k_a debuted her take on the former professional gamer, complete with the hero’s iconic headset and MEKA jumpsuit.


In fact, the only complaint we have is there isn’t more to look at it. While it’s probably not possible, we would have liked to see how she’d have looked inside of her mech.

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По голосованию-выкладываю фото сегодня! ⠀ Абсолютно выжата, как лимон.Вроде мне нравится район, где я прохожу практику-центр города, красиво, да и работа мне достаётся пока что не пыльная, но больше всего утомляет дорога в метро-в совокупности ~3 часа? ⠀ Вести истории мне попросту некогда, но фотографий в запасе пока предостаточно.Я просто хочу чтобы эти пол года прошли быстро)))Однако все не так радужно-экзы, диплом…я не хочу об этом всём думать..в душе я ещё хочу прогуливать контроши и идти с подругой гулять у ж.д, пuть энepгетики и много-много фоткаться типа SаD, но сейчас мне становится SаD совсем не типо…хочу лежать дома и ничего не делать, но обстоятельств слишком много…я просто устала?

A post shared by Сайкьо Валерьянка (@i_n_o_p_l_a_n_e_t_y_a_n_k_a) on

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Everything from the jumpsuit, the gun with the charm, and even the face paint are absolutely nailed.

We’ve seen a lot of D.Va cosplays over the years, but this one is easily one of the best we’ve seen so far.

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From the looks of her Instagram, this is the first time she’s tried out a D.Va cosplay or any Overwatch character for that matter.


That actually makes it even more impressive since she didn’t have any practice with another hero beforehand. While a lot of the posts are of cosplays, it doesn’t look like she’s ever gone as in-depth before as she did with D.Va.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Why doesn’t anyone ever cosplay as Orisa?

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If this ends up being the beginning of a string of Overwatch cosplays, then we’re really excited to see what gets cooked up next.

Some heroes that could end up being on the radar for a future cosplay include Mei, Ana, and even Sombra. One creation we don’t see much of is Orisa, but that would be a very interesting hero to tackle some time down the road.