FFXIV cosplayer oversees the Scions as adorable Tataru Taru

ffxiv tataru cosplay imageSquare Enix, Instagram: cupsofpre

The adorable Tataru Taru has become one of Final Fantasy XIV: Online’s most prominent characters, and this cosplayer has brought her to life with a stunning FFXIV cosplay.

While Lalafells are pretty easy to overlook in Final Fantasy XIV: Online (literally,) Tataru Taru has cemented her place as a fan favorite character within the title’s main story.

The receptionist to the iconic Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Tataru is small yet mighty, even keeping the likes of Minfila Warde and Y’shtola Rhul in check.

One cosplayer, though, has transported the adorable Lalafell into our real world with a stunning FFXIV cosplay that will have you falling in love with Tataru all over again.

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ffxiv tataru looking cuteSquare Enix
She may just seem like the Scion’s receptionist, but she truly is the glue that brings the team together!

FFXIV cosplay truly embodies Tataru

Ready to organize the Scions in style is cosplayer cupsofpre, who decided to channel her love of Final Fantasy into creating an amazing rendition of Tataru.

“I fell in love with the game as I progressed through A Realm Reborn,” she told Dexerto. “What inspires me to keep going on and renewing my subscription is continuing my Warrior of Light’s story, the story of the world of FFXIV, and to revisit my favorite NPCs such as G’raha Tia and of course, Tataru!”

Speaking of Tataru, Pre confesses that there was no other choice when it came to an FFXIV cosplay: Tataru was truly just right. “She stuck out to me as being the heart of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and seeing her in-game always brought a big smile to my face,” she confessed.

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“I can also personally relate to her character, as there is a certain side quest where she expresses how inferior she feels around her fellow Scions. It’s then proven later on that her moral support and her role essentially as then Scions’ “cheerleader” is what cements the group together, in my opinion. That’s why I call her the heart of the Scions.”


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This passion translates into every little detail of her cosplay. From the tip of the canary yellow feather on that iconic beret down to her simple yet iconic baby pink tunic and tan chinos, everything is en pointe.

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“I got my Tataru cosplay from the cosplay manufacturer, EZcosplay and the wig from Arda Wigs. I personally think the aspect of my cosplay that sticks out is Tataru’s signature red beret. I got that commissioned by my good friend, ukrainekraine. I truly love how big the beret fits on my head and definitely keeps the look of a Lalafell!”


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A post shared by ㅁ Pre ㅁ (@cupsofpre)

Will Pre’s Tataru return in time for FFXIV Endwalker?

This likely isn’t the last we’ve seen of Pre’s Tataru, though, as she’s all aboard the Endwalker hype train. “I can’t WAIT to see what Endwalker has in store for us. I just hope by the end of it, our Warrior of Light gets that vacation to Costa Del Sol that is long overdue,” she jests.

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“Jokes aside, I can’t wait for more adventures with the Scions and the rest of the NPCs. It’s going to feel so good to renew my subscription in November, then go back to healing for Duties and Raids.”

As Tataru’s story progresses we can’t wait to see how Pre’s cosplay journey does, too. One thing’s for certain, though, we will never have enough cups of Pre!