Festive Overwatch cosplay will get Mercy mains in the mood for Christmas

by Brent Koepp


Blizzard's annual Winter Wonderland event is set to start on December 10, and to celebrate, a talented cosplayer shared her Christmas-themed Mercy costume is sure to get you in the mood for the holiday season.

Anticipation is at an all time high as the Overwatch community waits for the Winter Wonderland event to drop this week. The annual celebration comes with a fresh batch of new winter-themed skins, which players can't wait to get their hands on.

A creative cosplayer shared her festive Mercy costume and stunned fans as a new Christmas version of the beloved healer is just what the doctor ordered to get you in the mood for this year's celebrations.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
The healer hero got a winter-themed skin in 2018.


Mercy cosplayer brings the holiday spirit

Mercy is one of the most popular healer characters in the hero-shooter, and her design mimicking that of a guardian angel makes her the perfect fit for Christmas.

Cosplayer 'Shannon Noelle' gave the hero a modern holiday twist, and created a costume that imagines the character in a red and white velvet Santa outfit, with a hoodie covering her locks of hair.

The artist shows off her incredible recreation of Mercy's wings in her photograph, putting great attention to detail in the golden armor on top of her wings.


Shannon shared more photos of her Christmas outfit on her Instagram, and took her costume to the next level with her creative pose of Mercy opening a present.

Cleverly, instead of a traditional gift box, she used an in-game loot box and the items inside were none other than a Pachimari plush, which every Overwatch fan would love to have.

The adorable photo sells holiday theme, as she even has Bastion's Ganymede bird sitting on top of her head, as she joyously receives her Christmas present.


Overwatch continues to be one of the most popular FPS title in the world, as the team-based game has amassed a loyal community who can't get enough of the hero-shooter.

Blizzard announced on their Twitter account that the Winter Wonderland event go live tomorrow on December 10, making this cosplay all the more perfect to get you in the mood for the holiday festivities.